Yoga Day / Leg Day / Face Day

Today, would be our second yoga class together. The rest of the class didn’t show up at all. It was just Her and myself aside from the instructor. I had brought along a camping mat, so I would not have to use Her dog blanket again, but the instructor had already set out real yoga mats for us. It was fun having a yoga class with just the two of us. The instructor sort of personalized it for Her a bit, and even played around with some poses that are not normally done in class. It is nice to share new experiences with Her.

After yoga, we met back at my place. I prepared Her wine and Her usual snacks and music. She commanded me to strip and put on my little polka dot apron and panties, and I happily obliged. It was time for me to shave Her legs again. I am blessed that She continues to allow me the privilege. She had been a little miffed that I had complained about the discomfort I had experienced the last time I shaved Her legs, so as punishment, She decided that today I would be wearing my heels while I performed this service for Her. I will have to be careful not to be such a whiny little bitch in the future, lest I test Her patience further.

After Her legs were shaved, She decided to take a shower before allowing me to apply lotion to them. When the lotion had been thoroughly applied, She decided I needed to take a shower as well, because I am a sweaty, disgusting pig. I cooled off as quickly as I could, and joined Her in the bedroom, where She was already pleasuring Herself. I asked if I could do anything to help.

She told me to plant my ass on the floor beside the bed, and tilt my head back. I did as I was told and She lowered Her pussy down onto my face. I was so happy that She was allowing me to service Her in this way once again. She climaxed on my face a few times before laying on Her back and allowing me to bury my face in Her pussy and pleasure Her further. I devoured Her pussy until She pushed me away. I would have gladly serviced Her for longer if She had allowed me the pleasure.

Her juices and Her scent were all over my face. She told me not to wash it. She wanted to see how long Her fragrance endured. She gave me some big hugs and tingly kisses before it was time for Her to go. She allowed me to put on some clothes and walk Her to Her car. I was so happy that I had pleased Her well this time. I love when She is happy with me.

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