Whatever She Wants

Today, I was to meet Her for swim class. She had brought me with Her a few times already. It is a hell of a workout, but also fun. I still mess up a lot of the moves. It is a little embarrassing to be out-paced by old ladies, but I am getting a little better each time. I am going to get strong for Her. She tells them I’m Her gay friend. I know everyone can see Her bite marks when I take off my shirt. It doesn’t matter what they think of me. I am there for Her.

When swim class is over, She tells me to head to my place to get everything ready. I shower and change and head out as quickly as possible. I get home well before Her and get Her glass filled with ice, then place it in the freezer. I place Her napkin on the table near Her folder, and then queue up Her favorite concert.

When She arrives, I rush outside to greet Her. I open the door for Her, and then follow Her inside. She remarks that Her wine isn’t poured. I quickly reach into the freezer and pull out Her ice filled glass, then grab Her wine from the fridge. I place Her glass on the napkin and pour Her wine. She says that She likes the frosted glass. I am happy to have pleased Her.

She reminds me that She needs to teach me how to cut cheese. For starters, I needed to use a non-serrated blade. I found Her the only non-serrated sharp knife that I had. She looked at it and sort of sighed and said, “I guess that blade will work.” She took the knife and showed me how to cut the cheese extra thin, just how She likes it. She cut several pieces and then allowed me to give it a try. I cut it thinner than before, but the cut was all crooked. I tried again and it went a little better. She stopped me then and told me not to cut too much. I will need to practice another time.

She has me get out the garlic bagel crisps She had let me keep and begins eating them with the cheese. She puts one together and feeds it to me. It is quite a delicious combination. A fragment of bagel crisp falls to the floor and She tells me to eat it. “You don’t want ants, do you?” She asks. I suppose not. I pick it up and eat it. I would not normally eat food off of the floor, but it is not going to hurt me, and it brings Her enjoyment, so why not? She flashes me a sadistic grin as I eat it in front of Her. I love seeing Her smile.

I am of course sweating again so She commands me to take off my shirt and get a towel to wipe off my disgusting face. I comply and return to Her side as quickly as possible. She tells me I am going to give Her a back massage. I have given back massages before but I can’t say I really know what I’m doing. I am happy that Her instructions are so explicit. She tells me exactly where to touch Her and how. She tells me how much pressure to apply, and it what direction. I would be useless without Her instruction. With it, perhaps some day I will be able to please Her in all of the ways that She deserves.

When She has had enough of Her back massage, She has me kneel before Her and feel Her legs. They are not as smooth as the last time She permitted me to touch them. “They need to be shaved,” She tells me. I tell Her I would be happy to shave them for Her. “Perhaps I’ll let you shave them tomorrow,” She says. I certainly hope so. It is a pleasure to serve Her.

She feeds me a bagel crisp with cheese while I am still on my knees, and begins kissing me while I still have crumbs in my mouth. I do my best not to allow any of my crumbs to transfer into Her mouth, while still kissing Her in the way that She directs me. She kisses me some more, and then tells me to stand up, and directs me to take the one step down into the living room. She remains on the step above, towering over me. She pulls my head back and kisses me, taking complete control of my entire body.

She continues to pull my head further back as She kisses me, forcing me to arch my back and bend my knees. She is kissing me down to the ground. I have to put one of my hands on my ground behind my back to steady myself. I enjoy when She bends me to Her will. She stands me back up and grabs my nipples. “Do you like when I pinch your nipples?” She asks.

My head is tilted back and my eyes are closed. “Yes,” I respond through clenched teeth.

“Then you should be begging me to do it harder,” She says with a twisted grin.

“Yes, Ma’am. Please pinch my nipples harder,” I beg. Then She bares down on them hard and pulls. I suck air through my teeth and wince in pain. She holds me there for a bit before finally letting me go. My head is spinning.

She directs me to sit down in the middle of the couch. I put my wine on the table to the side and do as I am told. She gets on top of my lap, straddling me. She plays with my nipples and kisses me some more, moving my head and mouth just where She wants them. I am completely Hers.

She tells me to take a sip of wine and then watches with a smile as I struggle to reach my glass. She laughs as I stretch toward the glass, my fingers coming up short. “I knew you were going to have to stretch for that glass as soon as I saw you set it down,” She says, chuckling. I stretch a little further, and She laughs at me some more. Finally I am able to stretch just enough to hook one finger around the rim of the glass. I grasp that glass between that finger and my others and am able to bring it to my other hand and take a sip. I can tell that She has enjoyed watching me struggle. I am laughing along with Her.

She kisses me for a bit longer. I have no idea how long. Everything is a blur at this point. She holds my head back and caresses my neck. She enjoys toying with me. At one point She sits off to my side and begins rubbing my crotch where my penis is supposed to be. “Can you even find it?” I ask Her. She laughs at me. She can’t find it. It is still terrified of Her. It shrivels up to nothing in Her presence.

Soon it is time for Her to go again. She gives me some tingly kisses and a big strong hug, and heads to Her car. I watch Her drive away, already looking forward to the next time I will get to see Her.

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