I hurried to the bedroom and tore my clothes off. I hastily lubed up the plug and shoved it up my ass. I set the plug to vibrate based on sound, and put on some music She would like. She directed me to stand in front of Her with my eyes closed. She strapped my collar around my neck, then began to use Her implements on me.

I recognized the luffa right away. It had been the first implement that She had ever used on me, way back during my second service audition. She hadn’t used it on me since then, but having your nipples ripped with a luffa is not the kind of sensation one forgets.

Next, She applied ice to my nipples. The ice was cold and wet and hurt and tickled and felt good all at the same time. She rubbed the ice around my body and then all around my cock and balls. My cock shivered and shriveled. I couldn’t stop giggling. I had trouble keeping my eyes shut, and She scolded me for it.

I resolved to keep my eyes closed. My head was very foggy at this point. I was deep in subspace. I remember being struck by Her crop, cane, and multi-tailed whip, but I could not say where She stuck me or in what order She used the implements.

The pain kept making me laugh, until She decided to use Her Evil Stick on my ass cheek. That fucking thing still stings like a sonofabitch no matter how deep in subspace I am. My ass cheek is probably the least painful place She has stuck me with that implement, but the pain was still enough to send me writhing on the bed in agony.

She directed me to lay on my back, with my legs spread. It was the first time She had ever used me in that position. I was a little afraid of what She would do to me, but I trusted Her, mostly.

She began to apply Her clothespins to my body. I could not tell you where She placed them or in what order. I was deep in subspace, barely tethered to the physical world. She asked me which one hurt the most as She tugged and batted the clothespins around, but I had no idea. I couldn’t tell, but I think She could. She endeavoured to remove the most painful one last, as always.

She used some striking implements on me while I lay on my back. I remember feeling Her cane on my inner thigh. I think I remember Her heavy multi-tailed whip on my chest. I was so deep in subspace that everything else was a blur. At some point She used Her Evil Stick on my inner thigh, but I could not tell you when. She also used Her Wartenberg wheel on me. I vaguely remember giggling and writhing uncontrollably.

Eventually She was finished using me, and I faded back into reality. We cleaned up, found something funny to watch, and cuddled in bed.

I woke up to Her snuggling me. She said I was talking gibberish in my sleep. We snuggled in bed for a long time before finally getting up. Waking up next to Her is a wonderful and incredibly rare treat.

Eventually we dragged O/ourselves out of bed. We ate leftover fajitas for breakfast, and watched a little news. She showered while I took some notes about the previous night. When She had finished Her shower, we began preparing for Her guests’ arrivals.

She tried to warn everyone about the treacherous road we took to get to the cottage, but almost everyone went that way anyway and then complained about it when they arrived. It was an absolutely horrible road.

Only one person called from the start of the dirt road to find out which way was the best to go. I drove out to meet them, and was surprised by how incredibly easy it was to find the way out and back just by following the main road.

We all went swimming for a while, then fired up the grill. We had all kinds of yummy food. My Owner opened up all the gifts people had brought Her, but not before bragging about the gifts that She had received from me, and my efforts to disguise them for Her. It is always embarrassing for me to be the center of attention, but I also love being praised by my Owner.

People talked and we played some games. The games were fun for a bit, but I got tired of it quickly. Social situations are exhausting. I did my best to focus on my Owner. At one point I got up to fetch Her more wine, and someone took my seat. They were having a conversation when I returned, and there was nowhere nearby for me to sit. I handed my Owner Her wine, and retreated to a safe distance.

I struggled to figure out what to do with myself. I saw no way to be near my Owner, and I was not comfortable around anyone else. All I could hear was noise. I had to get the fuck out of there. I left and went for a long walk. I was happy to see people leaving when I returned. I waited patiently for them all to go away.

Everyone had gone home except for one person who was going to be camping out, and they had taken one of the kayaks out for a spin. I took the seat next to my Owner on the couch, and snuggled up to Her. She fell asleep next to me. I closed my eyes and sat next to Her until She woke up again, about an hour later.

The power nap had re-energized Her. She had me pour us some wine, and tasked me with starting a fire in the fire pit. We found plenty of dry wood nearby, so it was easy to get a nice fire going. We sat and talked and sipped wine as we watched the fire.

Eventually the other person returned from their kayak trip and joined us by the fire. They and my Owner talked, while I did my best to avoid being part of the conversation. I was thankful that She would frequently send me inside to fetch things or fill Her wine. Those moments were a welcome respite from the social situation.

Finally, it was time for bed. I covered what remained of the fire and my Owner and I headed inside. She had me strip, and then allowed me to service Her pussy. My mouth brought Her to orgasm over and over again.

She would rub Her wet pussy all over my face, or hold my face down between Her thighs. She told me when to use my teeth or fingers. Sometimes She would have me stop and cuddle Her for a while, then direct me back between Her legs again. I must have given Her twenty or so orgasms that night.

Eventually we did sleep. The camper was already gone when we got up the next morning. We packed up all of our things, and headed home. I had to work later that day. She made sure to give me big hugs and tingly kisses before we left. I hope we will share many more vacations together.

The greatest way for you to please my Owner is to leave comments on these journals. She expects that you will keep your comments related to the content, rather than verbally ejaculating all over the page. You will show Her the respect that She deserves.

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