O/our check in time for the cottage my Owner rented was not until later in the afternoon, so we did some food prep at my place before heading on O/our way. We prepared Her special macaroni salad, like we had at the lake house a year earlier. Thankfully, this time I managed to get the correct olives, and did not have to spend time pitting every single one of them.

We marinated chicken thighs, and sliced some onions and peppers for the fajitas we would be making later. I was excited to be making fajitas with my Owner; it was a recipe She had been wanting to teach me for a while. We had enough time to get everything prepared and watch a show before we loaded O/our cars and got on the road.

We took separate cars. Although I had the address in my GPS, I was following Her like a shadow. After two-plus hours of driving we found O/ourselves staring at a dead end and a bridge to nowhere. Neither of O/our car GPS systems knew about the bridge being out, but thankfully Google Maps did, and presented us with an alternate route.

After we missed another turn because the street name on Maps didn’t match the actual street name, out of extreme frustration, my Owner decided She wanted me to take the lead. I relish the opportunity to decrease Her stress. I found the turn, and before too long we were at the dirt road that would lead us to the cottage. The road was long and winding. The further we drove, the narrower and bumpier the road became.

We had no place to turn around. We could either back up all the way that we had come, or continue going forward. The road became little more than some tire tracks through fields and woods. Tall grass grew from the center strip, concealing rocks on which O/our low cars could easily bottom-out.

I kept stopping and getting out of my car to scope out the road ahead, but all I could see was more road and woods. The road became sketchier and sketchier, but the thought of having to drive in reverse all the way we had come seemed even more insane than continuing. Finally, we turned a bend and came to a tree fallen across the road. Fuck!

I got out of my car and picked up one end of the tree trunk. It actually wasn’t too difficult to rotate it around to the side of the road. I picked up the branches and tossed them to either side. I rolled the remaining chunks of trunk out of the way with a few kicks, and hopped back in my car.

After the tree, we had to squeeze past a giant boat trailer that was jutting into the road, but finally we saw some signs of civilization. The “road” appeared to connect to someone’s driveway, which then connected to something resembling an actual road. We had made it through the shit. It was just a few short turns before we finally reached our destination.

The place was pretty sweet. The area was fairly private, enclosed in trees, with a little back yard with a grill, and multiple paths down to a small beach with a picnic table, chairs, and a fire pit. The cottage had a full kitchen, living room, legit bathroom, and private bedroom.

The guy next door came over to greet us while we were checking out the place. He told us the dead end half-bridge we encountered had been abandoned a decade ago. The crazy, winding dirt road we had taken was the “old road,” and had been replaced by a much nicer and more direct road. At least we wouldn’t have to go back out that way.

I tired of the interaction quickly and began hauling O/our things inside. I was thankful to have a task to keep me busy. I love that my Owner enjoys interacting with people and is happy to take control of any conversation. Conversations are exhausting.

We finished unpacking and then went for a swim. The view from the beach was beautiful, and the water was incredibly refreshing. I was reminded of O/our time at the lake house a year earlier, swimming around with a butt plug up my ass, and getting interrupted by a thunderstorm. Today we were blessed with clear skies.

After O/our swim, we fired up the grill and started cooking some fajitas. We started grilling the veggies first. It was the first time I was using the grill basket I had purchased. I had not known such a thing existed before my Owner informed me of it. Every few minutes, She would prompt me to check on the veggies and I’d give them a stir.

The veggies seemed to be taking a while to cook. After about thirty minutes She finally got up to check on the veggies Herself and discovered that the grill was completely off. Apparently it had run out of propane shortly after we started it and I was too dumb to notice. Who knows how long I would have continued to “cook” the veggies if She had not checked.

Thankfully the guy next door had a full propane tank and swapped it out for us. The veggies cooked much faster with the grill actually fired up. We cooked the marinated chicken thighs, cut them up, and mixed them in with the veggies. Then we slapped the mixture on the tortillas and added cheese and sour cream. They were the best fajitas I’ve ever had.

After dinner, we exchanged birthday presents. We both gave each other thoughtful gifts. My Owner is notoriously good at guessing what Her gifts are, so I did my best to make it more interesting for Her. I taped one of Her gifts to the inside of a cardboard box, then tossed a small 3D printed figurine into the box as a red herring. It totally worked, She had no idea what the gift was. With another gift, I taped a walnut to the side before wrapping. She guessed that one right away.

I also presented Her with my latest piece of writing awaiting Her correction. The piece covered O/our entire first year together, and I struggled more with it than anything else I’ve ever written. I was thankful that She allowed me to snuggle up to Her and watch Her read and correct it. I love watching Her smile and laugh at my words. The writing allows me to communicate with Her in ways I may not otherwise be able. I am thankful that She is able to understand me.

When She’s finished correcting and discussing my writing, She directs me to find something funny to watch. I flip through the channels for a while before She finally just picks something for me. I don’t know what we watched, I was just happy to be there snuggling with Her. After we’d had a few laughs, told me to go strip, put in my butt plug, and put on some music.

The greatest way for you to please my Owner is to leave comments on these journals. She expects that you will keep your comments related to the content, rather than verbally ejaculating all over the page. You will show Her the respect that She deserves.

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