The Sleepover

I had been cleaning my house the entire day and much of the night before, in preparation for Her arrival. She was coming to stay at my place for the weekend, for the first time ever. I had been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. We had not slept in the same bed since O/our time at the lake house, months ago. I did not know what else She might have in store for me, other than She was going to be meeting with a bull, and there was a possibility She might be bringing him to my home. My place needed to be spotless for Her.

I had been a little behind on my chores. I was beginning to panic, when I received a text from Her stating Her estimated time of arrival, which was a little later then Her initial estimate. I was relieved to have more time to get things ready. I was able to get the majority of the cleaning done before Her arrival, but the place was not completely spotless.

I had to stop and take a shower or I would have been utterly disgusting. I showered as quickly as a could while still getting myself clean. I had just brushed my teeth and was trimming my goatee when I heard a steady knocking sound coming from the front of the house. She had arrived a few minutes early! I rushed out half-naked to open the door for Her, and was greeted by Her big beautiful smile.

I apologized for not being outside to meet Her, and explained that I had just taken a shower. She laughed at me, and then instructed me to carry in Her accoutrements. Among Her items was a large duffle bag. She told me to leave that in the car. She said that She might want to use it at the bull’s house.

She was not scheduled to meet with the bull for another hour, so we had time to have a snack and a glass of wine, and talk for a bit. She wouldn’t be sure what was happening with the bull until She talked to him. She might go fuck him and then come back to my place, or we might both go back to his place, or She might bring him back to my place, and I may or may not be sucking his cock. I was nervous about the unknowns, but I trusted Her judgment. I had never experienced being cuckolded before.

She allowed me to help Her put on Her nylons. They were black with a solid black stripe up the back. She told me to make sure I was putting them on right. I thought I did, but I still began putting the first one on completely backwards. “No!” She bellowed, “The stripe goes in the back.” I hadn’t even noticed the stripe. I am such an idiot.

She decided that I would drive Her car and drop Her off at the bar, and then She would text me later to pick Her up. We arrived ahead of schedule, so She chatted with me for a bit before She went in. I can’t remember everything we talked about, but I do remember Her asking me if I thought the bull would be on time. “I would be!” I told Her.

“I know you would be,” She said with a smile.

When we parted ways, I headed back to my house. I parked Her car and took mine to the store to get some more wine. I needed to make sure I had everything that She required. I didn’t want to risk Her car being damaged unnecessarily.

I cleaned a little bit more when I got home. I ate a little bit. I might have had a glass of wine. I listened to some music. I paced around. I did my best to keep my mind from wandering to what might happen that night. I did my best to stay grounded, and reminded myself that I trusted Her. After what seemed like an eternity, but was really only a little over an hour, She texted me telling me I could come pick them up.

I was relieved to hear from Her. I felt weird inviting a complete stranger into my home, but I honestly don’t know if I would have felt more comfortable going to his place. I was glad that I was going to be somewhat involved in whatever would be happening.

I hurried to the car and headed to the bar. I found a space right out front and texted Her telling Her that I had arrived. She texted me back telling me to make sure the back seat was clear. They would be riding the in back while I drove. She also told me to move the passenger seat all the way up for more leg room. I quickly unhooked the dog hammock, folded it, and put it in the back. Then I moved the front passenger seat all the way forward. I returned to the drivers seat and texted Her that everything was ready.

A few minutes later, I was startled by a knock at my window. I turned to see Her, and quickly got out of the car. “I’m not opening my own door,” She stated. Oh! I can’t believe She still has to tell me to open Her door for Her sometimes. I quickly did so and returned to my seat. When they were situated, I pulled out onto the road and headed toward home.

I could hear the sounds of them kissing from the back seat. “I’m always ready,” I heard Her say. Then there were sounds of Her moaning and breathing heavy in addition to the sounds of them making out. I was surprised by how much the situation aroused me. I think it was mostly the sounds of Her pleasure that turned me on.

We arrived at my place shortly. I made sure to open the doors for Her. She had me pour us all some wine, and then bring in Her duffle bag from Her car. I set Her bag on the kitchen table and went back to my wine. The bull had to talk to his girlfriend for some reason, so She directed me to unlock Her car for him so he could talk on the phone in private.

When I returned, She had begun pulling kinky items out of Her bag. Boots, latex dresses, dildos, various implements for dispensing pain, and I don’t what else. It wasn’t long before my kitchen table was piled high with BDSM gear.

She pulled out one of the biggest goddamn dildos I’ve ever seen, and slammed it down on it’s suction cup. It wiggled in place, but otherwise stood straight up. I have some big dildos, but this one looked massive. The phallus was at least twelve inches long, and at least two and half inches thick, maybe three inches thick at it’s widest. I hoped the massive prick was just there for intimidation purposes.

Occasionally, She would hand me an item and tell me to bring it into the bedroom and lay it on the bed. She handed me Her riding crop, Evil Stick, flogger, leather paddle, wooden spoon, Wartenberg wheel, feather tickler, and two menacing canes. One of the canes was bent, and She had me hold it bent in the opposite direction when I wasn’t carrying something else. I took each item into the bedroom as they were handed to me, and laid them neatly on the bed for Her.

She pulled a paddle out of bag and showed it to me. It looked like a regular leather paddle on one side, but the other side featured metal protrusions that resembled golf cleats. She showed me both sides and asked, “Which side do you think hurts less?” I picked the flat side, and She laughed out loud at me. “Are you sure?” She asked. I was not sure at all. I figured it was a trick, but I doubted myself.

She showed me Her latex dress and told me I needed to help Her get into it. Of course I responded with the obligatory, “Yes Ma’am!” I am always happy to help Her. First She had me pull Her shoes and nylons off, then removed Her clothes. I watched Her don the latex and waited for Her instructions to help Her make adjustments. Then She instructed me to cover the dress with latex conditioner. I did as best as I could, but She had to point out spots where I missed. I will get better.

When the dress was fully covered, She instructed me rub more of the conditioner all over Her body. I was happy to oblige. She looked slick as fuck in Her black latex dress. She was so shiny, so strong and sexy.

8 thoughts on “The Sleepover”

  1. I am reading it for the third time on my knees now as i edge. The words and images are on my mind now constantly.I need to be a cuckold to someone as wonderful as her.

  2. Congrats on eating your first creampie. It’s about time you learned your place as a cum eating wimp. Even as you ate his cum, you still couldn’t get hard. Pathetic I’m glad your Domme ruined your first orgasm. It’s what you deserve for not being able to get hard for a powerful and beautiful woman, like Her.

  3. You are such a brave sub. The sleep over must have been so intense for you. Your owner is quite the intense individual and requires and brave and willing sub.

  4. I love the denial and control involved in ruined orgasms. My slave will suffer soon enough from that reality.

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