The Phone Call

I knocked on the door to my Owner’s room. A few moments passed. Did I have the right room? Had I missed Her? Had I knocked loudly enough? I looked around nervously, sharply aware of the chastity cage encasing my genitalia. I was about to knock again when the door opened. I was relieved to see my Domme on the other side. “I’m on the phone,” She said.

I quietly followed Her into the room and put down my belongings, then looked to Her for further instructions. As She continued Her conversation, She pointed at the floor in front of Her. I knelt at Her feet and began to caress Her nylon covered legs. Her legs are so strong. I feel like She has more muscle in one of Her calves then I do in my entire body. It is a privilege to be allowed to lay my hands on them.

I could only really hear Her side of the conversation, and I wasn’t trying to overtly listen. Most of what She said to him did not register in my brain, but I do remember Her telling him how much She wanted his cock. I kept my focus on Her legs. “He’s worshiping my legs right now,” She told the bull. She presented Her feet to me one at a time so I could massage them for Her. I rubbed each of Her feet intently as She continued Her conversation.

Eventually, She told him that it was time for Her to go, but that they had a date for tomorrow afternoon. I wondered what their date meant for Her and I, but I did not have to wonder for long. When She had hung up the phone, She gave me a smile and one of Her great big hugs. She informed me that She had been talking with one of Her favorite bulls, and tomorrow afternoon I would be licking Her pussy while She talked with him on the phone. I was happy to be included, and excited for the new experience.

The time had come for my Domme’s scheduled conversation. Her phone rang. Her bull was on the other end. I knelt beside the bed as She lay down. I caressed Her legs as She and the bull talked. I was oblivious to their conversation until I heard my Owner direct me to get into position. She spread Her thighs as I lay down face first on the bed between them, burying my face in Her muff. I breathed in deep, savoring Her fragrance.

“Lick me up and down,” She said. “Taste me.” I eagerly obliged, running my tongue up and down the length of Her slippery slit. She always tastes so good. I was in heaven. She rubbed Her pussy up and down my face for a bit, covering me in Her juices. She held my head down as I went to town on Her clit, licking, sucking, and humming on it. I love how She takes control and uses my face the way She wants.

My Owner continued talking dirty to the bull as I went down on Her, having orgasm after orgasm into the phone. Most of what was said did not register in my consciousness. I do remember Her telling him, “No,” several times. She also told him “I don’t take direction.” I love how strong She is.

I was deep, deep in subspace. My cock was securely locked in chastity. I remember Her telling him that She needed his monster cock. She told him that She wanted the three of us to get together soon. She told him I was going to suck his cock.

“He’s going to suck your cock, and then you’re going to cum in my pussy, and he’s going to clean it up.” I continued munching on my Domme’s pussy as I imagined how hot that scenario would be. “He’s going to clean it all up, and he’s going to promise to help raise the baby if I get pregnant.”

At that statement, I burst out laughing into my Owner’s pussy. I couldn’t help it. I just can’t imagine being responsible for another human being. I can barely handle my own shit. “Stop it!” She said, as She slapped the top of my head. Her reaction made me laugh again. “Stop it!” She gave me another thwap, a bit harder this time. “He’s laughing at what I said,” She told the bull, and slapped my head again. I set my attention back to the task at hand.

I was completely focused on pleasuring my Domme with my face. I was worshiping Her pussy. I did my best to keep Her cumming. She counted five orgasms before She stopped counting. I used to try to count Her orgasms, but now I just try to make Her cum as hard, long, and frequently as possible. I always eat Her pussy until She makes me stop. I never get tired of tasting Her or pleasing Her.

When She was done with me, She crossed one leg over the other, pushing my face out of the way and denying me access to Her pussy. She laughed as I kept trying to lick Her. I gave up, and crawled up next to Her on the bed, snuggling Her.

She laughed again. “Get back down there!” She said, pointing at the floor.

“Oh, sorry Ma’am.” I quickly moved.

“He thought he could lay next to me!” I heard Her tell the bull on the phone. I knelt at Her feet again while She and the bull continued their conversation. I have no idea what they talked about or for how long.

Before I knew it, my Domme was handing Her phone to me. “He wants to talk to you,” She said.

“Uh, okay.” I took the phone in my hand and placed it to my ear, somewhat terrified at potentially having to converse with a total stranger. “Hello?”

“She’s going to lay down on Her back, and then you’re going to eat Her pussy again,” the bull told me.

“Okay!” I replied, and then handed the phone back to my Domme. Phew, conversation done.

My Domme seemed confused at first, but then She lay down on Her back and opened Her pussy up to me again. She was talking with the bull again as I eagerly got into position and started munching. After a few moments, I heard the bull’s voice again. My Domme had put him on speaker and was holding the phone near my head.

When I service my Owner orally, I tend to enter a sort of trance-like state. I become so focused on bringing Her pleasure, that everything else melts away from my consciousness. My mouth, Her pussy, and Her pleasure are the only things of which I need to be aware. Something about hearing the bull’s voice made it impossible for me to reach that state. My attention was divided.

The bull kept saying, “Eat Her pussy like you did before,” which was exactly what I was doing. Did he want some kind of response from me? My mouth was busy doing the thing that he was telling me to do. I wasn’t sure what was expected, so I just kept eating my Owner’s pussy as best as I could. I was distracted, and I didn’t feel like I was doing a very good job. My Owner told me to use my fingers. Clearly my mouth was not doing the trick.

I did my best to just ignore what was being said and focus on servicing my Owner’s pussy, but the bull kept saying things like, “Eat Her pussy, boy.” I don’t know if it was the word “boy” or the way he was saying it that was bothering me, but I couldn’t take it seriously. Maybe I’m just too old. It just sounded fake, I guess. Perhaps my reaction was similar to the way that my Owner reacts when someone calls Her, “Mistress.” In any case, I was distracted.

I am not sure if my Owner sensed my frustration, or if the language was having a similar effect on Her, but after a few minutes She told him, “I have to take you off speaker now. It’s making me laugh.” I was thankful to be able to concentrate on my Owner’s pussy again. I brought Her to orgasm at least once more before She told me to stop. “It’s time for you to worship my butt now,” She said.

“Yes Ma’am!” I replied. My Domme has a great ass: plump and round, with soft skin, and firm muscle underneath. I knelt beside the bed as I massaged Her beautiful butt. She was still talking on the phone with the bull, but I couldn’t really hear what was being said.

“Kiss my butt,” She said, wiggling Her butt at me. I kissed Her butt all over, randomly alternating from cheek to cheek. I was ready for Her to command me to lick Her ass, but before I knew it, the phone call had ended.

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  1. This is an awesome story. You are so lucky to have an experienced domme who knows how to use you properly. I hope some day to be serving next to you.

  2. You should know that I am cringing as I read your comment and see grammatical errors. You should know that I love the process of correction and punishment.

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