The Lake House, Day One

I woke up in pain. My cock was about a quarter erect; just enough to pull the chastity cage downward and yank my testicles down along with it. It hurt badly, but also felt a little bit good. I fidgeted with the cage and tried to adjust it, but that did not help my predicament. After a few minutes, I was able to make my erection go away, but it came back soon after, and the cage began to pull on my balls again. This cycle occurred four times before my erection finally retreated all the way and I was able to continue my day.

Today would be the day that I would be staying with Her at a lake house. I had been looking forward to this day ever since She had put it on the calendar, especially after I had learned that I would be allowed to sleep next to Her. I love being close to Her. To be able to sleep next to Her would be like a dream come true. I was also looking forward to being released from my chastity cage, whenever that might be. I had never worn one for this long before. First however, I had more shopping to do.

Despite checking Her the shopping list that She had given me, over and over again, I had still fucked up and got the wrong kind of bagel crisps. The crisps needed to be garlic-flavored, not that boring-ass plain bullshit. I also needed to get more champagne, some magnetic clips, one of Her style razors to keep at my house, some Cabot Sweet Mesquite BBQ Chips, and one last thing that I needed to complete Her birthday gift. The chips would not be at the same store as the bagel crisps, and what I needed for Her birthday would be at yet another store. I would need to revisit nearly everywhere I had just been the previous day.

First I went and snagged up the last thing I needed for her birthday gift. I needed it to be just right. Then, I went to the store that was supposed to have the chips but was unable to find them anywhere. It was not the location that She normally goes to, so I supposed I would need to find them at another one. I had already grabbed the champagne, and Her razor, so I completed the purchase and headed on to the next store to get the bagel crisps.

I was in luck. The store had exactly three bags remaining of the garlic flavored bagel crisps that She required. I quickly snatched up all three bags of crisps and held them tightly. I texted Her to let Her know of my success. She said, “That’s awesome. Keep one bag at your house.” I was so happy to have pleased Her.

She asked me if I was still at that store and I confirmed that I was. Then She told me She wanted me to look for something for Her. Something called a “spreader.” It is a utensil. She wanted one for my house and Hers, and She prefers ones that are unique or designed on the handle. I looked all up and down the utensil section repeatedly for a damn spreader but could not find one anywhere. Perhaps it was too sophisticated an item for this establishment. I would have to look elsewhere.

Every moment that I am running these errands, I am aware of the chastity cage surrounding my cock and balls. The weight of it drags them down toward the ground. My package sways around as one unified mass when I walk. I always have to adjust myself whenever I sit back down in the car. When I pee, I have to fiddle around with my foreskin and pull it out of the cage’s pee hole to avoid making a mess inside the cage. It is a constant reminder of Her power over me.

I moved on to the next location that might have the chips that She required. I looked all over for any sign of Cabot chips, but could not find them anywhere. I asked Her if She knew where in the store they might be and She told me that they had been on sale and had been on an end cap somewhere. “You can always ask,” she added.

She is right, of course. Interacting with unknown humans is something that I almost never do, but I may have to. I circle the store one more time and look at every end cap for any sign of Cabot chips. I have circled the store at least three times at this point. These Cabot chips can’t possibly exist anywhere in this store, but I have to ask because She said so. I asked the young woman working in the chip aisle, and she had no idea what I was talking about. I knew that these chips had existed at this store at one time, because She said so. If I could not get Her the chips, I needed to at least get Her an explanation.

I pressed the young woman for further information. It was clear that she knew nothing, but she was able to take me to her leader. This older woman had never heard of any Cabot chips, but there were these Cape Cod Sweet Mesquite BBQ Chips that had been on sale. I still wasn’t sure. They were supposed to be Cabot chips. Then she said, “Well, I can comp them for you so it doesn’t cost you anything if they’re the wrong thing.” Free chips!? Of course I accepted. The woman put a sticker on the chips so I could take them through checkout without paying.

When I got outside, I texted Her about the chips and She laughed. It had been those Cape Cod chips that She had been after the whole time. She was excited that I had been able to acquire them, and for free! I am happy to have been able to please Her. I take the free bag of chips as further evidence that following Her direction is always best. She will lead me down the correct path.

I stop at one more place to find the spreader but come up dry. I text Her to let Her know of my lack of progress and She tells me where I can find them online. I am thankful that my shopping tasks are complete for today, and I can return home and complete her birthday gift. I will also need some time to shower off all of my disgusting sweat, and get everything packed, and She has reminded me that She expects my car to be clean when She sees me. I rush home, anxious about potentially not being able to get everything completed by the time I need to rendezvous with Her.

I hurry to get all of the necessary items laid out and ready to be packed. I do not want to miss anything. I check everything twice, then once again. Not long after I have finished, She asks me for a run down of what I am bringing, to make sure I am not forgetting anything. I am thankful that she is taking the time to double-check. I do not want to mess up this night. It sounds like I have everything in order.

I rush to finish assembling and wrapping Her birthday gift. It is something I have been obsessing over ever since I knew that She would be accepting a gift from me. It is a huge weight off of my shoulders when I am finally able to complete it to my satisfaction. It is not perfect, but it is meaningful, and I believe she will appreciate that.

With her gift completed, I hurry to get everything packed up and then realize that I still need to clean my car. I rush out with bags for trash and bottles and work as quickly as I can. Thankfully, it is not pouring rain like when I last cleaned Her car! I get the trash and bottles taken care of and do my best to vacuum up the rest of the dirt and debris. It is no where near as clean as Her car, but hopefully it’s condition will be acceptable, because there is no time for anything else.

I shower faster than I ever have in my entire life. I have no time to waste. Then I finish packing the refrigerated items and rush everything out to the car. I double-check everything one last time to make sure that I have not missed a thing, then I head out to our rendezvous point.

When I arrive, I check my messages and see one from Her that says She will be arriving early! Luckily I have arrived early myself and still have a couple of minutes before She shows up. I am happy that I will not be keeping Her waiting. Before long, She pulls Her car up next to mine and says, “Are you ready?”

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