In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I decided to write a journal for my Domme about all of the ways that I am thankful for Her. I am so fortunate to have Her in my life. I need to make sure She knows how much I appreciate everything that She does for me, and every moment that She spends on me.

I am thankful for Her directing me to write for Her. I enjoy reliving our times together over and over as I struggle to find words that could do Her justice. I especially enjoy watching Her read my journals as She is correcting them. I love when I am able to bring a smile to Her face. I am very thankful to receive Her guidance. The printed copies on which She has written Her corrections, I will cherish always. She has definitely helped me to become a better writer.

She has taught me how to properly serve Her in many ways. I know what I need to have prepared when She visits, and how I should pour Her wine. I know how to clean and detail Her car to Her specifications. She has taught me how to shave Her legs. Although, I must admit I still often fail to apply sufficient pressure to the razor, resulting in a shave that does not last as long as when She does it Herself. I will get better. I just don’t ever want to cut Her.

She has taught me how to apply lotion to Her body, and how to massage Her from head to toe. I enjoy when She tells me exactly where to touch Her, and how. I love when I am able to squeeze Her muscles just right, and She moans with pleasure. It makes me happy that I am able to help Her release Her stress. I am so thankful that I am able to be useful to Her in this way.

She has helped me to improve my oral service techniques. I know just how to use my mouth on Her clit and fingers on Her G-spot. I have learned to position my face so that I can still breathe through my nose while I service Her. When She presses my face into Her muff and holds me against Her body with Her powerful legs, I am able to hold my breath for far longer before I begin to struggle to breathe. I am able to bring Her to orgasm within minutes, and keep Her cumming over and over again until She is satisfied.

I am thankful for all of Her corrections. If I am fucking up, She tells me immediately. She tells me exactly what I am doing wrong, and why it is wrong. She will teach me the best way of performing the task at hand. I don’t have to worry about whether or not She is happy about something I am doing or have done, because She will tell me right away if She is not.

She does not only correct me in ways that serve Her. She is helping me improve myself. One of the first things that She did for me was to go over my resume and offer corrections and suggestions for improvement. Gone are the giant blocks of word vomit. My resume now looks clean and professional, and is much easier to read. I still need to do more work to make my resume perfect, but She has helped me to improve it immensely.

She has taught me how to cook several different dishes in the last few months. I now have utensils and spices that I never knew I needed. I have learned many basic techniques that are applicable to all sorts of dishes, and I have been able to take what I have learned and apply it to cook decent meals for myself and others. I have food in my house and I am eating much healthier with Her guidance. I look forward to learning more from Her and expanding my cooking skills even further.

She has me exercising regularly. We have been doing water aerobics, yoga, walking, and other exercises. She assigns me burpees or planking tasks if something interferes with our regular exercise schedule. I am getting stronger and have much more energy. My muscles are beginning to show more definition. She enjoys watching my new form take shape. I am happy that She is pleased with my progress, and I want to please Her even more. I will get absolutely shredded for Her. I will make Her proud of what She has created.

She gives me just the right mix of encouragement and degradation to keep me motivated to improve without becoming depressed and wanting to give up. She knows how to manipulate the various buttons and levers in my psyche to keep the cogwheels turning. I am grateful for all of the positive reinforcement that She has given me, but I am also grateful for all the times She points out my shortcomings or calls me out for being a fucking idiot. If all I ever received from Her was positivity, I wouldn’t believe it. Since I know that She will not hold back from telling me when I am doing something wrong, I know that She is being sincere when She tells me I am doing something right.

I am thankful for the pain that She bestows upon me. Experiencing the physical pain that She provides gives me a momentary respite from the emotional pain that I unconsciously inflict on myself. She is adept at stopping just before the pain would become too much. Knowing how much pleasure She derives from distributing pain helps me to endure more of it for Her. I will endure as much pain as I can for Her and become stronger because of it. I appreciate Her patience with me as She helps me to expand my tolerance further.

I am equally thankful for the marks She leaves behind on my body when inflicting pain. The lasting bite marks, scratches, and bruises are a constant reminder of Her, and a symbol of Her ownership of me. Her marks are also evidence of my ability to be what She needs me to be, and I am proud of them. I long for the day when I am able to wear them publicly without repercussions. For now, I am thankful that She takes care to leave marks only where they can be covered up by my work clothes.

As much as I hate to displease Her, I am thankful for Her punishments when they are necessary. Sometimes punishment is necessary for growth. She knows when I need more than a verbal reprimand to correct my behavior. She does not always use physical pain to discipline me. She may punish me by refraining from kissing me for a night, or by assigning me a task that She knows I will not like, such as one involving interacting with other humans. Her punishments are just. She does not seek to diminish me, but to build me up and help me become better or stronger.

I love Her great big hugs and tingly kisses. She is able to hug me so tightly that She squeezes all of the stress right out of my body. I feel instant relief when I am in Her arms. I feel like I could stay there forever. The rest of the world melts away when Her lips touch mine. Only Her and I exist in those moments. I love the way that She takes control, and moves my face exactly where She wants it to be. I love the tingly lipstick that She wears; I can still feel it on my lips when I watch Her drive away.

I am very thankful for all of the time and energy that my Owner spends on me. I know how busy and stressful Her life is. I know that an endless line of wannabe subs who She could be using instead awaits Her. Without Her guidance and structure, I would be a wannabe too. I will always do my best to prove to Her that I am worthy of Her time. I am thankful for all of the ways that She takes care of me and helps me to improve. I am determined to become the best slave that She could ever find.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving”

  1. It’s quite sweet that you’re thankful, but then again, you are a slave. What do you think it says when I’m getting my nipples pierced for her, and you’re writing a thank you note.
    I hope you can do better, you and I both know she deserves it. Are you willing to show her your devotion? What sort of body modification will you let her choose for you. After all, you are her slave, aren’t you?

  2. We all have different skills, abilities, and limits. One slave may cook gourmet meals for Her, another slave may write for Her, and another slave may be a human pin cushion. She has many varied interests and desires that no one person could ever hope to fulfill. I think that the amount of effort that a slave is consistently willing to put in for Her says more than any individual action does. Exceptions may be actions that bend or break a slave’s limits. When She watches surgical steel pierce my flesh, it will be symbolic of the deep and lasting connection between us; it will be evidence of Her total domination of me and Her ability to modify my mind as well as my body. In the meantime, many ways to modify a body exist that do not involve needles. You will be able to read about Her modifications to my body in an upcoming journal.

The greatest way for you to please my Owner is to leave comments on these journals. She expects that you will keep your comments related to the content, rather than verbally ejaculating all over the page. You will show Her the respect that She deserves.

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