Some Semblance of Normalcy

Today would be the first full day my Owner and I had spent together in a couple of weeks. I was excited to be able to spend some quality time with Her. My cock had been caged since the previous night. My Owner won the card game this time, and my punishment for losing was to edge three times before locking myself in chastity. Edging is something I often do when I masturbate anyway, but normally I eventually get to finish. I wanted to cum so fucking badly. Not being able to do so was agonizing.

When my Owner arrived, I hurried outside to carry in Her things in from the car, as always. She had brought Her dog with Her, as She often does. I poured Her wine and put on some music. We talked for a bit before She told me it was time to clean Her car.

It had been so long since I had cleaned Her car that She had to give me instruction on some parts of the process. A carpet of dog hair had accumulated since November. As I vacuumed the dog hair, She sat in a camp chair nearby, petting Her dog. Her dog was shedding, and the wind was blowing. At one point I looked up from a pristinely vacuumed floor to see large tufts of dog hair floating into the car. When the car was finally cleaned to Her satisfaction, we headed inside.

Then I began preparing bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers while She corrected my latest writing. Weeks had passed since I’d produced anything for Her to correct. It was nice to see Her laughing at my jokes, and scribbling notes with Her pen. I had missed Her corrections. She had finished correcting my work by the time the poppers were done, so we sat down in front of the TV for a bit while we munched.

When we had finished O/our snack, She went to the bedroom where I had laid out my collar, heels, and some femme lingerie options for my Owner from which to choose. She chose a little black thing, some nylons, and some polka dot thong undies because She thinks they’re funny. She also chose the butt plug I had set out. She said She had meant for me to put that in as soon as She arrived. I got dressed and then knelt before Her so She could put my collar around my neck.

She’d had me locked in chastity since the night before. The cage had been incredibly tight in the morning. That afternoon was warm in my place for a change. My balls were hanging so low my chastity device was practically falling off. We both had a laugh about it. I may need to make some adjustments to how I wear the device during the summer months.

She was pleased that I had already set out everything required to shave Her legs. I shaved Her legs, as I have many times before. It had been a while since I’d been given the opportunity to serve Her this way. I had missed caressing Her freshly shaved calves. She showered while I cooked more jalapeno poppers. After Her shower, She allowed me to taste Her pussy for a little while. Her pussy tasted as sweet as ever. It felt wonderful to have my face buried between Her thighs again.

Next She decided it was time to shave my head again. I got dressed in my regular clothes and set up a chair outside so we could just let the hair blow away. I took a shower to wash away all the little leftover bits of hair. A freshly shaved head feels nice, especially when my Owner caresses it.

When I was done showering, I put my collar and clothes back on and joined my Owner in the kitchen. She showed me how to make omelets. Her technique was flawless. We ate and watched some stand-up comedy together. Then we snuggled and watched some more. She kissed me. Then She laid Her head in my lap and I stroked Her hair. Her hair is so soft and thick. I could stroke Her hair for hours.

It was time for Her to go, but She stayed for a little longer so we could sit together and read over the corrections She had made to my writing. I was thankful that She was pleased with the piece. She removed my collar before She left. I carried Her things to Her car and we hugged and kissed goodbye. I was still caged and plugged as I watched Her drive away. I was so thankful to have spent a nice, normal day with my Domme, where the only thing I needed to worry about was how to please Her.

Later that night, I texted my Owner, begging Her to release me from chastity and let me cum. An hour later, just as I was about to give up and try to sleep I received a text from Her. She said, “Yes you can now,” and “Enjoy.” I was so fucking thankful. I came in about three minutes.

8 thoughts on “Some Semblance of Normalcy”

  1. how many times has she been fucked by real men and big cocks since you have seen her last? she is such a whore that she is banging as much big cock as she can find.

  2. My slave is a whore for my pleasure. He can’t help himself. So eager to please. I love using him for my pleasure. His entire body is mine. You should beg to be used that deeply.

  3. This Woman is amazing, I crave, live for Her throbbing and juicy pussy and ass, especially after She’s been fucked by Real Men, full of Alpha cum, something I’ll rightfully never be allowed to do, all I can do is hope to clean\worship Her after and prepare and clean Her Bulls as allowed\forced. I can’t wait to beg Real Men to give this sexy, intelligent, cruel, powerful, dark Woman something an absolute wimp sissy wannabe like me never could. She is a Goddess that deserves everything She desires. I obsessively and pathetically worship Her every minute of every day. I am nothing but a pathetic loser who lives for this Woman’s acknowledgment.

  4. How does your girlfriend, relate to your Owner ?
    And how does your girlfriend feel about you being locked-up sometimes when she wants access to you ?

    P.S. very nice that your Owner keeps you plugged, even while snuggling and just hanging out. I’m sure it keeps you in the right frame of mind… though I wonder if She remembers that you’re plugged during such times.

    1. My girlfriend and Owner know each other. My Owner doesn’t deny access to my girlfriend.

      She doesn’t always keep me plugged, but She has had me plugged while snuggling, sleeping, and swimming, as well as in public. I don’t know if She remembers the plug 100% of the time. Sometimes She asks me about it after I’ve had it in for a while, sometimes not.

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