Short Notice

The night before, She had texted me canceling O/our plans for today. She would be busy with work related things. This evening, with 45 minutes to spare, She texted me telling me where She wanted me and when. I was so surprised and excited that She wanted to see me! I hurried to get ready and then headed out to the bar where we first met.

I was able to arrive before Her. I procured O/our drinks and claimed Her seat. When She arrived, I handed Her drink to Her, and then proceeded to fill it with ice from a second glass, one cube at a time, just how She likes. I had forgotten to get a napkin for Her, so I had to go back into the bar to get one. Next time I’ll get the napkin with Her drink. When I returned, I handed Her the napkin and sat as close to Her as I could. She did not seem to mind.

While we sipped O/our drinks and talked, we listened to the performer She likes; the same one who was performing when I first met Her here. I tipped him at the appropriate song, just as She had instructed me that day.

After we finished O/our drinks, She asked me, “Should we have another drink or go home?” I was surprised that She has asked my opinion. Sometimes Her questions are tests, and sometimes She just doesn’t care. All I can do is be honest with Her and hope for the best.

I say, “I think we should have another drink, but that’s just my opinion.” She decides we will have another drink, and I get up to head to the bar. She stops me and points to O/our empty glasses, reminding me to bring those into the bar. I can only wonder how much obvious shit I am missing when She isn’t around to point it out to me.

We stayed for the rest of the performance. At one point She rested Her arm on my shoulder. It was a total alpha move. Anyone paying attention would be able to tell that She owned me. It gave me the feeling that She was proud to be my owner, which made me happy. I want to make Her proud. Occasionally She would squeeze me or pinch me or pull me in for a kiss. I love every bit of attention that She gives me.

She left Her mark on me again. I had to beg Her for it. She told me to beg for it. She said She didn’t think I wanted it. I think She knew I wanted it. She must enjoy hearing me beg. I whispered in Her ear saying, “Please Ma’am. Please mark me. Just a little bite.” To my surprise, She sunk Her teeth into my left shoulder right then and there. My head tipped back and my eyes closed as I winced in pain and sucked air through my teeth. Anyone who looked in O/our direction would have seen it. I couldn’t possibly have cared less. Let them watch Her bite me. I was happy that I would be left with a reminder of Her.

We stuck around after the show, and when the performer came by, She struck up a conversation with him. She asked him where else he performed and other various things. I was mostly paying attention to the way Her body was touching mine, but I smiled and nodded and shook the guys hand when appropriate. We continued to stay and talk after he had moved on. Then She gave me one more big hug and kiss before we had to part ways once again.

When I put my seat belt on, I realized it laid right over the mark She left me. She knows what She is doing. When I got home, I could not even think about writing. I was too busy dancing and thinking of Her. The second drink had gotten me a little looser than I had expected. Somehow with all of the bouncing around, my phone was reset to factory defaults. You’ve heard of pocket dialing. Well, apparently a pocket-factory-reset is a thing too. I had to text Her and let Her know I may have missed some of Her messages, and definitely lost everything She had previously sent me. I really don’t know how She puts up with me.

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