Service Audition Number Two

It was to be my second service audition. I had received hints at what would be happening. I knew that I would be punished. I had kept Her waiting too long for the previous writing. I had known I would not be able to submit a completed work by Her deadline and I had begged Her for an extension. She took pity on me and allowed me an additional thirty minutes but told me that I would be punished for it. I was so thankful. Whatever the punishment was, it would be worth it. I simply could not have submitted another incomplete work for Her.

Expecting the worst, I had been relieved to hear that most of our time would be focused on service and gratification. I was less nervous that day. I am starting to feel more comfortable around Her. I feel like I can trust Her. I feel like She knows what’s best for me. I feel like if I can follow Her guidance, She can help me become my best self.

I was waiting for Her outside when She pulled up. I stood outside of Her car door with my hands behind my back, eagerly awaiting instruction. She beckoned me to open the door for Her, and I jumped into action. Perhaps I should have anticipated Her needs and opened the door for Her without being instructed.

She handed me one bag, then another. I noticed the back end of a Hitachi wand massager poking out of the second bag. “I have one of those!” I thought to myself, happy that we have similar tastes. Next came a stack of paper, notebook, and planner. I managed to get Her things loaded up in one arm so I could use the other to open the door for Her. Her wine was poured and waiting for Her inside.

I had been instructed to have a copy of my last journal printed out for Her when She came. I had done that the previous night to make sure I wouldn’t forget. The stack of paper was placed neatly next to Her wine glass on the kitchen table. I know She likes choices, so I had placed a black pen and yellow highlighter on the paper for Her. Those were the best instruments I had available. She seemed pleased by my efforts. I am always happy to please Her. Giving Her pleasure brings me pleasure.

She told me She had brought a copy of my resume and that we would be going over that before my writing, but first we would be cleaning Her car. She requires a spotless car when She is traveling, and She will not be denied. I was to put on Her favorite concert, fetch an extension cord, and bring Her wine outside.

I brought the wine out first, put on the concert, and then fetched the extension cord. It is a very long and heavy industrial extension cord and I was fumbling with it like an idiot trying to get it unraveled. I was sure She would laugh at me and degrade me, but She was focused on other things. She interrupted my ineptitude to give me my next instructions.

I was to fill a small bucket with hot water, and fetch a wash cloth. I was instructed to wet the wash cloth and use it to scrub the mud off of the inside of Her car. Very little mud had accumulated, but the car must be spotless. I did my best to clean everything properly, but She had to keep pointing out spots that I had missed. I am useless without Her guidance.

I was surprised that She was doing some of the cleaning as well. She told me that next time I will be doing all of the cleaning while She pleasures herself inside, but today we are pressed for time. “Next time,” She said. I was already looking forward to servicing Her again. “Pressed for time,” She said. I moved faster, trying to find the right balance that would allow me to complete the task properly in the shortest amount of time without breaking a sweat. I was failing, but at least I was doing the best that I could for Her.

As we were cleaning, my landlord was mowing the lawn next door. Ma’am was wearing a somewhat revealing dress, especially in such windy weather. She remarked that he must be getting some nice views. I am sure he was. I am sure he was staring at Her the entire time he was mowing. Why wouldn’t he have been? I tried to stay focused on the tasks at hand. I knew we were pressed for time, and I wanted to do a good job for Her.

She asked me if he mows my side of the lawn, and I told Her no, I do that with a weed whip. She told me I should have negotiated to have the landlord take care of the yard work. I told Her I was in a hurry to get moved in and was really not in a position to negotiate. She didn’t say anything more, but I could tell She thought I was a little bitch.

She had me take a break from the wash cloth and get the vacuum cleaner out. She instructed me to open it and check whether or not the bag was full. I knelt over the vacuum and fumbled with the mechanism to open the bag container, but managed to get it open. She was watching me from above the entire time. I stared down at the obviously full bag vacuum clearer bag. I could see that it was packed with material, so much that it was almost overflowing out the top.

She asked me, “Is it full?” Somehow I was unable to tell. I knew it was, but I doubted myself. I needed Her to confirm it for me. She told me that it is, and I immediately saw how obvious it had been the entire time. I don’t know what is wrong with me. She laughed at me a little bit, and that made me feel better.

She handed me the replacement bag, and I handed Her the full one. I immediately recognized my mistake, and was surprised that She had even taken it from me; surprised that She hadn’t slapped me in the face with it and covered me in dust. My eyes were wide and my mouth open in shock as She held it for me while I inserted the replacement bag. I took the full bag back from Her as soon as possible, and placed it aside so I could dispose of it properly later. She can be forgiving when She chooses to. She appreciates effort.

She told me that I need to vacuum the car now, “Anally.”

“Anal retentively?” I asked for clarification.

“Yes,” She said with a chuckle. I am happy to have amused Her.

I did my best to vacuum the car as quickly as possible but the vacuum nozzle was too small to suck up much at a time, yet too large to really get into the crevices. I did the best that I could. She had to tell me to put the seats forward on the left side of the car, and then again on the right. I don’t know why I am so inept. She remarked that both sides of the car work the same way. I laughed at myself with Her. I love when She makes fun of me.

I’m sure I don’t need to mention it, but I was sweating profusely again. She commanded me to get a towel and a drink. I thanked Her and ran to get the towel. As I was wiping off my disgusting face, She asked me what was printed on the towel. When I showed Her, She laughed at me. I love when She laughs.

I did my best to keep the towel wrapped around myself while I vacuumed the floor mats, but the wind was blowing it everywhere. I felt like a complete idiot, but She is too busy with other things to take notice. When I got the first floor mat finished, She instructed me how to put it back in the car. She told me to match the holes with the tabs on the floor, and then turn the finger screws to secure it.

Her instructions described the procedure perfectly. I was happy that I managed to follow them without error. Once I had secured the first mat, I began to vacuum the rest. To save time, I tried to vacuum them all before putting them back in the car. By the time I had finished the second, the wind had covered the first with dirt and leaves again. She asked me for a status update and I told Her what happened. She did not seem amused. I did my best to finish the mats as quickly as possible, reinstalling each one as I went.

Finally the mud cleanup and vacuuming was done and my final task was to clean the inside of the back window. She educated me about the use of microfiber cloth to clean windows. She told me that you only need warm water, no cleaning product. I am always thankful when She takes time to educate me about things. It helps me be better for Her.

She told me to dump the bucket of water, and I began to run inside with it. “Outside,” She says. “It’s just water.” Oh yeah. I don’t know what I would do without Her guidance.

When we had finished cleaning Her car, She told me it was time to go over my resume. I refilled our wine glasses and prepared some cheese to Her specifications. I sat at the table, adjacent to Her, and She pulled out a copy of my resume, and a couple of sample resumes for my field.

My resume was atrocious. She told me I need to not write in paragraphs, and that I only have thirty seconds to catch someone’s eye. She told me to use bullet points and only include information that specifically pertains to the job I am applying for. She told me to keep my current resume as a reference, and pull things from it as needed. She also told me the importance of white space, and to put my dates on the other side of the page to create more of it.

She told me to use Times New Roman for the font, twelve point. She told me that the header is good except that my name must be bigger and bolder. She gave me a couple of printouts of a site called O*Net OnLine, where I can find job descriptions in my field, pay scales, and lists of all the different skills and abilities that I would need to perform those jobs.

She told me I need to take the Holland Code Career Test, to determine my RIASEC score. She showed me how I can use that score in conjunction with the job descriptions on the site to find jobs that would be a good fit for me. I eagerly absorbed all of the information She was giving me, infinitely thankful for every moment of Her precious time that She had spent on me.

Next it was time to go over my last journal entry, and I was super excited! All I ever want to do with these writings is please Her, so I am always thankful for any direction She can give me. I refilled our wine classes and took my seat at the table.

“You’re not sitting close enough,” She said. I love hearing that phrase so much. I pulled my chair over next to Her and pressed myself against Her. I love the feeling of Her body against mine. I love being close enough to smell Her. She told me to put my hand on Her leg. I was so happy. I gently placed my hand on Her thigh and caressed Her a little bit. “Under the dress,” She said.

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