OH my GODS, I saw her AGAIN!!!

Note: My Owner had set a deadline for this writing assignment. The poor writing and sloppy mistakes are due to my inability to manage my time properly. This journal entry has been left uncorrected as a testament to my failure. In the next journal, I do my best to redress my foundering.

She goes by the moniker “craveme”. This was our second meeting. We were to watch a “relevant” movie. I was to provide wine, and cheese. She surprised me by bringing strawberries. I showed her my place, which very few people have seen. She seemed to like it, which made me happy. She actually seemed maybe even a little impressed with my computer rig, which made me extremely happy. I’m a huge nerd and this thing is basically an extension of myself. She didn’t even mind that I’m a huge nerd! She didn’t shit on my ridiculous collection of action figures at all. She actually seemed to like how nerdy I am. She did shit on my wine opening abilities. I’m so clumsy when I’m around her. I’ve opened plenty of bottles of wine but I fumbled around with that like it was the first time ever. I get so nervous around her I just can’t do anything right. Like now!! I have literally 8 minutes left to finish this writing before her deadline and I’ve barely even started!!! Fuck!! I will have zero time to proof read. Overdrive mode engaged. She was happy that I guessed what movie we would be watching. It was the only one I could think of that might fit. I won’t tell you, but it was fucking hot as fuck. I have watched it before, but not with a domme sitting next to me, telling me to sit closer to her, offering her wine glass to me to fill it. Requesting more cheese, or strawberries. I was happy to serve her every time. Every time. She touched me a lot, which was very nice. I fucked up and touched her leg AGAIN though, just like I had the first time we met. Only it wasn’t just a tap this time, I fully on laid my hand on her thigh. She called me out for that immediately and I begged for forgiveness. What the fuck was a doing?? I couldn’t believe I had done that. She was nice enough to let it slide and I did my best to not do that again but came real damn close several times. I better be careful. FUCK!!! 2 minutes left? She told me how much the movie turned her on. She touched me, sometimes hard enough to hurt. I didn’t mind. Let her hurt me. I can take it. Whatever gives her pleasure. I won’t act out. I will do the best to be what she wants me to be. Oh no. Time is UP!!! I have failed. 🙁

1 thought on “OH my GODS, I saw her AGAIN!!!”

  1. LOL I’m sure you paid the price. I have talked to Domme’s for over 20 years and i still get nervous when speaking or meeting One for the first time. I don’t always follow instructions either. Obviously

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