National Orgasm Day

Today while I was at work, She texted me to let me know that it was National Orgasm Day. I asked Her if I might help Her celebrate it, and She said, “I am hoping so.” Then She told me, “You should lock up to commemorate such a holiday.” I was working far away today, so I was not be able to go home and put it on at lunch. I rushed home after work and put it on as soon as I could. It feels good to be under Her control.

I was to meet Her at the bar where we had first met. I threw on a clean shirt, grabbed a fresh sweat towel, and headed over there. I arrived a few minutes before Her, and got O/our drinks. Unfortunately Her seat was not where it was supposed to be, so we had to get a table instead. We ordered some chips, salsa, and queso so we could sit there and listed to the music. The musician that She likes was playing this time, and he played Her song first. I tipped him when the song was over, as She has instructed me to do.

As we drank O/our drinks and nibbled on chips, we each talked about O/our days. She told me that She had gotten kicked out of a chat room for bragging about me too much. I was shocked that anyone would show Her such disrespect, but also surprised and proud that She was bragging about me. We talked about nipple piercings and some other random things while we finished O/our drinks, then it was time to move homeward.

I hurried home to get everything ready, while She went to pick up Her dog. I immediately took my shirt off because it was so ridiculously fucking hot in my home. She was going to be giving me another cooking lesson tonight. She would be teaching me how to make Her special zucchini dish.

Aside from the usual preparations I make whenever She graces me with Her presence at my home, She had tasked me with peeling all of the zucchini. I hurried a little too much and peeled a small chunk out of one of my knuckles. It was surprising how quickly the blood began dripping. Thankfully none of the food was contaminated. I wrapped up my finger in bandages and finished peeling the zucchini.

Having finished preparing the zucchini, I went outside to wait for Her, but found She was already there, letting Her dog out. I carried in Her bags and Her large cooking pot. I poured Her wine, as usual. Her dog’s water had already been set out. She decided we would leave both doors wide open because it was so fucking hot. Instead of Her usual concert, this time She had me put on Volcano Girls by Veruca Salt.

First She showed me how to properly cut up the zucchini. The small ones, you can just slice into coins. If they’re real small, you can slice two of them at the same time. The slices need to be uniform thickness so they will cook evenly. With the larger zucchini, you need to bifurcate them first, then scoop out the seeds, then slice each half.

She had me open the first can of petite diced tomatoes with the can opener I had bought during O/our last cooking lesson, then pour the tomatoes into the pot. She had me throw in the zucchini I had chopped so far, then another can of tomatoes, more zucchini, and even more tomatoes. When all the tomatoes and zucchini had been stirred together, She put the heat on high. I was tasked with occasionally stirring the pot while bringing it to a boil. She tells me to pour myself some wine.

The music had begun playing randomly after the first song. When a song played that She wasn’t interested in hearing, She would instruct me to go skip it, or to play another song She wanted to hear. It is fun listening to random music with Her, and finding out what She likes and dislikes. I enjoy all of the music that She introduces to me.

She had wound up a towel and would randomly whip me with it while we were cooking. I still don’t know if it’s worse knowing it’s coming or not knowing it’s coming. She whipped at me on my way back from changing the music and missed a couple of times as I was walking by. I stopped and presented my back to Her so She could get some good licks against my skin. The towel-whip would land with a nice crack sound if She did it just right. One time She hit me with such precision that the crack seemed to echo thunderously. She keeps telling me, “Don’t look. Don’t look!” while whipping me and laughing at me. It is difficult not to look at Her.

While we were waiting for the pot to boil, we sliced up the green olives for the schmear. I had at least gotten the olives with the pits removed this time, but She told me I could have gotten sliced olives to make it easier. That’s okay, I got to slice some olives side by side with Her, so that’s a win for me, even if the damn olive juice did keep seeping through my bandage and into my peeler wound. I had to rinse the olive juice off of my fingers almost as frequently as I had to wipe the disgusting sweat from my face.

At one point while I was cutting, She came up behind me and bit into my back, around my left shoulder blade. Her bites hurt like hell when She is administering them, but the lasting soreness feels good. I enjoy having a constant reminder of Her.

Once we had the olives sliced, She cut a big chunk off of a gigantic log of cream cheese. We microwaved it for a few seconds to soften it, then stirred it together with the olives. She put some on a cracker and ate it, testing it. She determined that it needed more cream cheese. When She was satisfied, She put some on a cracker and fed it to me. I had never tasted schmear before. It is quite tasty.

She asked, “You don’t have a spatula, do you?” I looked over at hamburger spatula sitting in my dish strainer. “No,” She said, shaking Her head and chuckling a little. “Not that kind, the flexible rubber kind with the one curved side.”

“Oh!” I said, “No, of course I don’t have one of those. I didn’t have a can opener, why would I have one of those things?” She sort of groaned and shook Her head and laughed at me a little.

She used a spoon to scoop some of the schmear into a container for herself, and then began scooping some into a container for me. It was sweet of Her to set some aside for me. When She got to the bottom of the mixing bowl, She began scraping the remaining schmear into the container with Her finger. “I have to use my finger because you don’t have a spatula,” She remarked.

It was at that moment that I noticed the white, rubber, flexible, curved-on-one-side spatula sitting in the utensil hold right next to where we were making the schmear. I grabbed it and said, “Oh wait, is this what you meant?”

“Yes!” She replied, bursting out laughing. She grabbed the spatula out of my hand and scooped a bunch of schmear on it and then smeared it all over my face. My facial hair was saturated with cream cheese and olive bits. We laughed O/our asses off. “Here, you finish it,” She said, handing me the spatula. I finished scraping the remaining schmear into the container while my face was still covered.

When the pot was boiling, She had me reduce the heat to about medium. We were to continue to let it cook, stirring occasionally, until the zucchini is almost translucent. She showed me how She wanted to have the American cheese sliced into chunks. This American cheese was orange in color, but they call it yellow at the store. I don’t understand. I slice up the remaining American cheese as She has shown me, and then She slices up a small amount of Velveeta.

She instructed me to move a couple of fans into the bedroom, and fetch Her more ice and wine. Then, She told me to fetch my wine, meet Her in the bedroom, and get naked. She inspected my caged cock, laughing at it a little bit, then laid down on the bed and began to touch Herself. I knelt by Her side and I asked if I could do anything to help. “In a minute,” She said, as She proceeded to pleasure Herself. After a moment, She said “You can touch me.” Her skin is soft and smooth. I gently caressed the soft and vulnerable areas of Her body as She brought Herself to orgasm.

I sprung into action when She spread Her legs and allowed me to go down on Her. I licked and sucked and hummed on Her clit. “Lick harder!” She commanded. I did my best to give Her everything She wanted. A couple of times She said, “I’m so close!” right when I desperately needed to come back up for air. The next time, She said, “Don’t you dare stop!” Thankfully that time I was able to maintain my pace and bring Her over the edge.

“You’re my cum whore!” She half moaned, half whispered, as I continued to serve Her orally. “You’ll never get to fuck me. I need to get fucked by a real man. Do you want to see me get fucked by a real man?”

“Yes Ma’am!” I declared into Her pussy, over and over. Once She had started coming, Her orgasms were almost continuous. It was hard to tell where one ended and next began. After awhile, She decided to take a break and pushed me away from Her. I guessed that I gave Her about five to eight orgasms. She didn’t seem to disagree with me.

We were both crazy hot, and I was a sweaty mess as usual, so She decided we would take a shower together. She got in the shower first, and I adjusted the temperature for Her until She was satisfied. I asked if I could join Her and She said, “Yes!” I eagerly entered the shower and stood behind Her as She let the cool water run over Herself. After a few moments, She instructed me to switch places with Her. It was nice to cool off. We hugged and kissed and cuddled each other in the shower. I love the feeling of my Her perfect, bare skin against mine.

We switched places a few more times before the shower was over. She kept turning the temperature down and then making me stand in the water. She can take the cold water much better than I can. She laughed at how much of a little bitch I am, and I laughed along with Her.

When the shower was over, She instructed me to fetch Her towel and then stepped out to dry off. I got my towel and did the same, then joined Her back in the bedroom. She had Her phone at the ready and told me She wanted to take a picture of my caged cock. I presented my tiny, shriveled, caged prick to Her, and She performed Her photography.

She let me to the kitchen and had me carry the cooking pot to where the light was better and checked on the status of Her zucchini dish. She determined that the zucchini was cooked well enough, and instructed me to stir in the cheese, while She returned to the bedroom. “It should just melt right in,” She declared. It did, of course. Once the cheese was fully melted in, I joined Her back in the bedroom.

To my delight, She had decided to allow me to taste Her pussy some more. She held me in place and rubbed Herself on my face when She wanted. She took a couple of pics of me with my face buried between Her legs. I managed to bring Her to orgasm three or four more times. My facial hair was soaked with Her juices once again. She pointed out to me the big wet spot She had left me on my bedspread. I took a picture of it. I am proud that I was able to help Her make such a mess.

As She got dressed, She instructed me to fill myself a couple of containers of Her zucchini dish, as well as a bowl for me to eat right away. It is so yummy. I enjoyed it when She had fed it to me chilled the other day, but I think I like it even better hot. She instructed me to pour the rest of it into the container that She brought. She told me to wash Her large cooking pot and have it ready for Her to pick it up the next time She comes over.

She had me play a couple of songs for Her before it was time for Her to go. I always love when She shares music with me. She permitted me to put pants on to walk Her to Her car. I carried Her things for Her. She gave me some more kisses, and a fresh bite on my shoulder. I have come to love Her shoulder bites. She told me I could take my cage off at 7:00am. Before She left She gave me one of Her great big hugs. “Hug me back!” She commanded. I wasn’t hugging Her hard enough. I squeezed Her as tight as I could to make up for it.

Not long after She had left, She texted me the pics She took and told me to post them to my profile. My favorite is the one where Her legs are wrapped around my head, holding me right where She wants me. I was so glad that She allowed me the privilege of serving Her on National Orgasm Day. I long for my face to be buried deep between Her thighs once more. I am completely enamored with Her.

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