Namio Harukawa

My Domme and I were recently enjoying some spicy Thai food when She smiled at me and said, “I have a new writing assignment for you.” My eyes lit up. I love writing for Her. Being able to create something that brings my Owner pleasure is immensely fulfilling for me, and I would feel lost if I did not have anything to work on for Her. “Are you familiar with Namio Harukawa?” She continued.

I racked my brain, but could not place the name. Disappointed in myself, all I could respond with was, “Uh, I don’t think so.” She pulled up a picture on Her phone and showed it to me. Immediately, I recognized the work. I had seen the image before, and several others like it. I admired the art, but I had never known the artist’s name until She spoke it.

Namio Harukawa is the pseudonym of a Japanese fetish artist famous for his illustrations of large, powerful women dominating small, weak males. The women he draws are strong and sophisticated, with thick, muscular legs and buttocks. The men he draws are thin and frail, typically being smothered by facesitting, and often bound into human furniture.

The image that my Domme showed me pictured a robust, voluptuous woman, clad in shiny red lingerie. She held a glass of red wine in one of her gloved hands. Her halter top could have been leather or perhaps vinyl, but her spread legs were unmistakably covered in nylon. Between her heeled feet sat a skinny and feeble male, his hands tied behind his back. His face was pressed firmly into her muff. The woman’s face bore an expression of serenity and satisfaction.

She told me that one of Her favorite bulls had sent Her the image; that it had reminded him of Her. I could certainly see why. She told me that my assignment was to find one of Harukawa’s pieces that resonated with me in relation to us, and write about it for Her. That instruction seemed simple enough. However, much to my chagrin, this task proved much more difficult than I initially anticipated.

All of Harukawa’s illustrations involve powerful women using men for their pleasure. All of these works speak to me in different ways, and they all remind me of Her. Paring them down to just one piece to write about has been the most difficult part of this assignment. I wanted to find the image that would be the indisputable epitome of Her. I wanted to find the perfect representation of Her, and the perfect words to describe why the image fit Her so well.

I must have looked at hundreds of Harukawa’s drawings, many of them over and over again. The fact that She abhors the smoking of cigarettes helped to whittle the selection down significantly, but some of the images might have been a great fit if not for the presence of a coffin nail. So many of Harukawa’s illustrations embody a part of my Domme, but I fear it may be impossible to find a single one that truly does Her justice. As I was writing these words, I had still not narrowed my focus to a single image.

I had been staring at the same thirteen saved images on my phone for days. All of these images depict a powerful woman sitting on the face of a weak male. All of them remind me of my Owner and embody some aspect of Her, but none of them portray Her to the extent that She deserves. All I could hope to do was to remove the pieces that represent Her the least, and see what remained.

In one image, the woman is brandishing a cane. In two of the other images, she wields a single tailed whip. Although I know my Owner is no stranger to these implements of pain, I did not think She had used either one of them on me when I wrote this journal. Upon reading this journal, She informed me that She had in fact used the cane on me during The Sleepover. I was so deep in subspace then, I had no idea what She was using on me a lot of the time. Another image was removed because the woman’s dress is a little too frilly, and her expression is a little too soft. In one piece, I noticed a straw in the woman’s drink, and removed it in favor of other images where the woman appears to be drinking wine.

Of the eight remaining pieces, four of them clearly show the woman drinking wine at a bar. Another image depicts a woman sitting at a bar, and she is using a chained slave for her barstool. The drawing shows another woman poking her head out from behind the bar to get a better view of the scene, smiling at what she sees. My Domme does enjoy flaunting Her ownership of me, but unfortunately this drawing does not include wine. Wine is such an important part of my Owner’s life that I feel that it needs to be represented in at least one of the final three images from which I am to choose.

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