My Prize

A few months ago, my Owner taught me how to play one of Her favorite card games. Recently, She allowed me to choose what I would win if I were able to defeat Her at this game. She had been pleased when I had chosen to be pegged by Her if I won. Today was the day that She would bestow my prize upon me.

I was both excited and nervous. I had not been very specific in the wording of my request, asking only that She peg me. Would She lock me in chastity for my pegging? Would She try to fit Her comically large dildo in my ass? Would She use lube? I prayed She would use lube.

The first thing She did after arriving at my place was have me print out some of my older journals that still had errors in them when they were posted on the blog. She made Her corrections on paper while I updated the journals online. Both were older journals that She had not previously edited Herself. I was thankful that my mistakes were not ones that She had already corrected.

I performed a basic wipe-down of Her car. I was thankful that She did not require me to do a complete cleaning. In the past, I have cleaned Her car in pouring rain, snow, and near complete darkness. I am always happy to do so, knowing that my service gives my Owner great pleasure. Even so, I would certainly rather spend my time close to Her.

I poured Her wine, as always. I sat at my computer and assisted Her with some research for Her work while She gave orders from the couch. When the research was complete, She directed me to kneel before Her, and give Her a hug. I love Her great big hugs. She took control of my head and kissed me the way She wanted. I love when She kisses me.

Then She bit down on the cartilage of my left ear, fucking hard! I cried out in anguish. She kept my ear pinched between Her teeth for what felt like an eternity, while I squealed like a little bitch and begged Her to stop. Finally, She let me go. The bite was incredibly painful. I was nearly brought to tears. I buried my face in my Owner’s lap and whimpered.

“You’re going to have a bruise,” She said jovially. I was glad that She was happy. My ear still hurt, but the worst of the pain was over. Occasionally throughout the day She would grab me by that ear. It hurt every time, but never so much as the initial bite.

She was wearing the dress that She had worn when we first met. She looked as beautiful as ever. She had me take some pictures of Her in Her sexy dress for one of Her favorite bulls. I did my best to capture Her beauty.

She had me unbox Her new riding crop for Her. The new crop was a gift from one of Her admirers after Her old one broke. It looked pretty nice. She gave me a few strikes with the new implement to test it out. It seemed to work well.

The new crop came with a tiny multi-tailed whip attached to a key ring; a flogger keychain. I gave my arm a light thwap with it. “What are you doing?” She asked in an accusatory tone.

I looked at Her in surprise. “Ugh, I was just testing it out.”

“Without permission,” She added for me.

“Sorry, Ma’am.” I put the mini flogger down.

“Go give yourself an enema,” She commanded.

“Yes Ma’am!” She had told me that I would need to give myself an enema before I received my pegging. I already possessed a two quart enema bag and had given myself enemas a few times in the past. It’s really no big deal.

I ran some warm water through the enema bag and hose, then closed the release valve and let the bag fill up. I hung the full enema bag from the shower rod, and got myself into position. Some people recommend laying on your back or side for an enema, but I prefer knees and elbows.

With my ass in the air, I opened the valve of the enema bag and let a little water squirt out, to make sure the hose was full of water and not air. I put a little lube on the nozzle of the enema bag, and inserted it into my anus. I opened the valve again and let the warm water begin to drain into my rectum.

I could feel the water flowing into my sigmoid colon and beyond. My insides began to fill with liquid. After about half of the bag had drained into my body, I began to feel tightness and pressure in my colon. Water began leaking out around the hose in my anus. I closed off the valve and took a few deep breaths.

I felt my insides loosen up and the water begin to flow deeper inside me. I opened the valve again and let the rest of the bag slowly drain into me. When all of the water had drained from the bag, I removed the nozzle from my ass. I stayed in place for a few more minutes to allow the water to work around whatever fecal matter was clinging to my insides.

When I felt like I couldn’t wait any longer, I clenched my ass and hobbled over to the toilet. Shitty water began to squirt out of my asshole as soon as I sat down. I let it flow, feeling a stream of mostly liquid exiting my anus. I sat on the toilet for a few minutes and allowed the water to drain from my large intestine into my rectum, then pushed out a few more streams of brown liquid.

When I was sufficiently drained, I cleaned my asshole up, then began to fill the enema bag again. I never get fully clean on the first go. I repeated the whole process again, and by the end of it I was shooting mostly clear water out of my ass.

My Owner was wearing Her sexy black latex dress when I exited the bathroom. She informed me she’d been wearing it under Her dress the whole time. I had no idea.

She put my collar on me. She told me She forgot how much She liked the look of it. She told me She wanted me to have it out every time She came over from now on. She had me get dressed in some women’s lingerie, fishnet stockings, and heels. To my surprise, She did not make me wear my chastity device.

We joked a little about whether or not I would get lube. It has been a running joke with us since the time She finger-fucked my ass dry after visiting my friend’s cabin. I was not incredibly worried this time, since this pegging session was meant to be a reward, and I can’t imagine pegging without lube being anything other than a punishment.

She decided that She wanted me to take some pictures of Her in Her latex dress before She pegged me. We needed to take the pictures outside in order to have suitable lighting. She allowed me to change out of my heels and cover myself in a trench coat before going outside to take Her pictures.

When we returned to the bedroom, She had me put my heels back on and bend myself over the bed. She donned the strapon and slathered the dildo with a comical amount of lube. The excess lube dripped onto the floor. “Is this enough?” She asked mockingly. I sure hoped so.

The dildo is about eight inches long and two inches in diameter. The tip of the dildo curves upward, which turns out is not ideal for doggy-style anal penetration. The dildo was difficult for me to take at first. The heels I was wearing lifted my ass further off of the floor than the last time She pegged me, and She was not wearing Her own heels this time. The angle of my asshole and the dildo were at odds; I did my best to open my ass up and receive it.

Once my asshole was sufficiently lubed and stretched, the strap-on became much easier for me to take. “It’s so hot to watch that dildo going in and out of your ass,” my Owner told me. “I love that it’s black.” She fucked me good and deep, pumping the big black dildo in and out of my ass.

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