My Friends’ Cabin

Today we were invited to go swimming at a cabin that my friends had for the week. She hadn’t told me yet what Her plans for today were, but I had assumed She had some. Still, I felt obligated to extend the invitation and give Her the option. To my surprise, She decided we would go to the cabin and go swimming.

My friends said they had a grill that we could use, so She decided that She would teach me how to make marinated grilled portobello mushrooms, and tomatoes caprese. She emailed me a list of ingredients that I would need to acquire, and instructed me to meet Her outside of the supermarket that was on the way to our destination.

I did a good job of finding everything, except the pre-sliced mozzarella that She had listed. Being pressed for time, I texted Her that I was getting that sliced at the deli. Minutes later I had paid for everything and left the store when I noticed several texts from Her telling me not to buy the cheese at the deli, and that She would come inside and find it for me.

I texted Her apologizing for missing Her texts and buying the wrong thing. I’ll just eat it myself some other time. I sat in my car waiting for Her, but I did not see Her pull in. Several minutes later I got a text from Her asking, “Where are you?” She had already purchased the pre-sliced mozzarella and exited the store. I just can’t stop fucking up. I apologized again for my ineptitude and we transferred everything to Her car and headed out to the cabin.

Unfortunately, because of me, She was having to go back the way She had just commuted. If I had only known, we could have met at a different location. Of course, then She probably would not have been around to pick out the correct kind of mozzarella. We drove down a long, winding, mostly dirt road. It seemed to go on forever, going from pavement to dirt, then back to pavement, then back to dirt again. We took a wrong turn and wound up driving over someone’s lawn. It was my fault for not knowing where we were supposed to go. Thankfully nobody seemed to notice. Finally, we arrived at the correct location.

We went inside the cabin and I introduced Her to my friends. I prepared Her wine in secret as the typical small talk occurred. My friend is an alcoholic, and not the fun kind, so I don’t drink around him and generally try to avoid even acknowledging the existence of alcohol in his vicinity. She requires Her drink, and I understand. I do my best to make sure everyone’s needs are being met. I am kneeling before Her as I perform this task, which She enjoys. Nobody else seems to notice.

She decides we’ll go swimming before grilling, so we all take turns changing, and then walk down to the water. The beach is sandy and the water looks nice. No kind of dock or anything is present, so we have to wade out into the water. The bottom of the lake is only a little bit mucky, but it is enough to bother Her. She has much stronger senses of touch, taste, and smell than many. To add to that irritation, the water remains very shallow well out into the lake, and we have to walk out quite far before we are able to actually start swimming.

She lets me know that She does not like having to walk out in the muck, and I sincerely apologize, but I can not do much except attempt to carry Her. She knows I am too weak to carry Her around right now. I can barely carry myself around. Thankfully, She gets some amusement out of the fact that I even suggested carrying Her. I love when She laughs at me.

Finally we get out far enough that we are able to swim, even though we could all still stand up if we wanted. I don’t think the water ever got more than 5 feet deep. As shallow as it is, the water feels nice. I float around with Her. Sometimes She pulls me in for cuddles or kisses. Sometimes She just wants to grab or pinch me. She brings me in for a hug and then bites into my shoulder when no one is looking. I would be happy to float around with Her all day, but eventually She gets tired of it and we head back to the beach.

She remembers that we should have been marinating the mushrooms while we were swimming, so She has me run inside the cabin and perform that task, while She dries herself off on the beach. I return to Her just in time to walk back to the cabin with Her.

We all get changed and I refill Her wine on the down low. If anyone has noticed, they are pretending they haven’t. She has me get out all of the ingredients for the tomatoes caprese. I kneel beside Her and watch as She slices the tomatoes and arranges them on a couple of plates, then covers them with fresh basil. She places a mozzarella slice on each one, and then drizzles the glaze over them. They look delicious.

We head outside and my friend starts up the grill. I put our portabello mushrooms on the grill, per Her instruction. As we wait for the food to cook, we talk about various things with my friends. I am standing very close to Her. She puts Her arm around me, and occasionally pinches me in different places. Sometimes She reaches down grabs my butt or fingers my butthole through my pants a little bit. Other cabins are behind us. I have no idea if anyone sees what is happening.

She tells my friend when to flip the portabello mushrooms, and how to adjust the arrangement of them. She takes a position standing behind me and gives me a great big hug from behind. Then She pulls my head back, and bites into the soft flesh of my neck. She holds the bite as I suck in air through my teeth until finally I whimper, “That hurts!” through clenched teeth. My friend probably witnessed it all.

When the food was cooked, we headed inside and ate our grilled marinated portabello mushrooms and tomatoes caprese. We also shared a hot dog. I was incapable of cutting the tomatoes like a normal human being, and ended up basically ripping them apart with fork and fingers and then reconstructing the pieces. It was all quite tasty.

She said we had to play Bananagrams before we left, so we did. She destroyed me, of course. I could not keep up with Her at all. Her first word was longer than any of my words. She’ll probably be mad that I can’t remember what it was. All I know is it started with an “I” and wasn’t a word I could remember having ever used. My first word was “zits”.

It would have helped if I had known that you could rearrange your letters after having set them down. I was so focused on my own dumbass shit that I didn’t notice that was what She was doing until the very, very end. She would have won in any case, but perhaps the defeat would not have been so embarrassing. My friends couldn’t even bare to watch.

When it was time to go, we said goodbye and I picked up our things and brought them to the car. She drove down the dirt road for a bit and then stopped. She began looking for something, but couldn’t find it. She had me get another bag out of another area of the car, but She didn’t find what She was looking for there either. “Get out of the car,” She said.

“Okay Ma’am,” I responded, and did what I was told. I had no idea what was happening. She got out and motioned for me to meet Her at the back of the car.

“Take off your pants and underwear,” She commanded. I pulled them down as She opened the back gate of the car. She pointed and said, “I want you to bend over and put your arms right here.” I was scared that someone might drive by, but I did as I was told. “What I was looking for, was lube,” She said bluntly. Now I was really scared.

“Oh fuck,” I thought to myself, as She jammed a finger into my dry asshole, then another. I can’t remember the last time I had anything shoved up my ass without lube. It was certainly not the worst pain that She had inflicted on me, but it was definitely uncomfortable.

As She was finger fucking me, She was spanking my ass all kinds of different ways. Left, right, up, down, straight on… I never knew where it would be coming from. She asked me, “Who owns you?”

“You do,” I said. She fucked me harder. I kept saying “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” over and over with every thrust.

“Fuck what?” She asked forcefully.

“Fuck my ass,” I said in response, knowing those were the words that She wanted to hear. She began fucking me even harder. Occasionally, She played around with my limp dick while She was fucking me. It is still very much afraid of Her. At one point, She actually bit into my right ass cheek. It was painful, but much more surprising that She would sink Her perfect teeth into my buttocks.

When She was tired of fucking and spanking me, She withdrew and took a step back. She waited for a minute, just letting me stand there bent over and exposed. Finally, She told me to put my clothes back on and get in the car. She drove me down the rest of the long dirt road back toward my car. I was in a daze the entire way. She deigned to bestow upon me a few cuddles and kisses before I had to leave Her presence once again.

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