My First Yoga Class

She who owns me had invited me to attend a yoga class with Her today. I was excited. I had always wanted to attend a yoga class but never had anyone to take me. Today was also my first day back from vacation, and I had to do a job far away. Not everything went as planned, and the job went long. I had to skip lunch. I had to speed back to be able to meet Her in time.

Thankfully I managed to get home about the same time I normally would have. I hurried to change out of my work clothes and into some shorts and a t-shirt. She arrived at my place while I was getting ready. I had expected to be meeting Her at the yoga place, but I was happy to see Her. She told me that She was going to use my ladies room. “OK!” I blurted. I continued to get ready.

When She returned, She gave me one of Her big strong hugs. Then, without a word, She walked outside and got in Her car. “Oh, OK I’ll meet you there,” I stammered at Her closed driver side door. Then, I turned around and proceeded to open my passenger side door for some reason. I am sure She was laughing at me as She pulled away. I got in my car and hurried to meet Her at the rendezvous point.

We managed to get to yoga with plenty of time to spare. Earlier She had said that I could share Her yoga mat, so I had not purchased one. When we arrived and She pulled Her mat out, She said “I think you can use the mat too, we’ll see. If not, I have this blanket you can use.” When She unrolled the mat, She immediately laughed and said, “Nope, you’re using the blanket.” The yoga mat would certainly not accommodate both of us.

She handed me the blanket and I laid it out next to Her mat. This particular blanket was normally used by Her dog. The light colored hairs stuck to my black shorts and stood out, shining in the sunlight. I knew everyone could tell that I was using a dog blanket. I didn’t care. I was sitting on a blanket next to Her.

Yoga was great. She and I both enjoyed it and felt better for having done it. The pain that had been creeping into my back over the last couple of days had gone away. A few times while we were stretching, our arms touched by accident. Those were nice little moments. Neither of us avoided the contact.

After yoga, I got in my car and followed Her to the nearest drug store, per Her instructions. She would be picking out a new deodorant for me to wear from now on. She sampled many trying to find just the right one. She even asked my opinion a few times. Not that my opinion would ever sway Hers, She just happens to be interested in knowing what it is from time to time. She made the correct decision, of course. The new deodorant She had picked for me smelled much better than my old brand. She always knows best.

While I was in line to purchase the deodorant, She asked me if I would like to have dinner with Her. Of course I would!!! She decided we would go to a this restaurant that I had told Her about. I am still struggling to know when I should open the door for Her. Sometimes She seems to want to do it on Her own, other times She definitely wants me to. I usually walk behind Her, so I have to rush in front of Her to get to the door, which feels weird. I will figure it out. Whatever She wants, I will do.

The waiter was a submissive little bitch. She had him wrapped around Her finger immediately. Dominant power radiates from Her constantly, but if She catches your eye, if She smiles at you, you are fucked. Escaping Her influence is impossible. You won’t want to escape.

He does the whole cliché bit of asking Her for Her ID when She requests wine. He was fawning over Her, telling Her, “No way, this must be a fake ID.” She is very beautiful, so I can’t blame him too much. I can tell She enjoys the compliment. She tells him that today is Her birthday, and He offers Her a free dessert. She does not eat dessert.

The waiter then offers to give Her free dessert to me, but that scenario is not what either She or I want. The waiter says he doesn’t think he can to anything other than the free dessert… But after She flashes Her eyes at him, he is offering to bring us the wine for free! I don’t know how She does it. It seems like the waiter could lose his job over this sort of behavior. Who gives away booze? Nobody in this state.

We enjoyed O/our dinner, drinks, and conversation. At the end of the meal, the waiter arrives with the check and a couple of mints. He apologizes that he had to charge us for one of the glasses of wine, because the kitchen saw him bring it out. He is almost as much of a little bitch as I am. For some reason, he leaves the check next to Her. It must just be obvious that She is in charge. I take the check and prepare to pay for it.

I drop one of the mints on the floor like a clumsy oaf. She does not need to tell me that one is mine. I hand Her the other mint and pick mine up off of the floor. When the waiter returns, She strikes up a conversation with him about something. It is regarding him, so I really couldn’t care less. I ignore his existence and focus on Her. He obviously wants to be in my position. He craves the kind of connection that I have with Her. He is as eager for ownership and advisement as I am. I can’t blame him for feeling that way. Who wouldn’t want to be in my position?

She is obviously enjoying Herself, being fully aware of how much he longs to serve Her as I do. I focus on Her enjoyment, on Her eyes, and Her smile. I could probably watch Her have a conversation with anyone.

When the waiter had left, She showed me how to properly fill and seal our to-go boxes. The metal handle needs to be bent inward to keep the box from opening. We carried our left-overs out to our cars. She told me She would be coming back to my place for a bit. “Have everything ready by the time I get there,” She said.

“Wine?” I asked.

“Have everything ready by the time I get there,” She repeated.

“OK!” I hopped in my car and sped off to my place. I only arrived there about a minute before She did. I had just enough time to open the place up and get the lights on. I apologized for not having Her wine poured and got right on it. She told me to pour myself some as well.

She looked up to see where I had placed the special “Playtime” bottle she had given me. It rests in a place of high honor in my kitchen, placed in between my grandfather’s carvings.

She seems pleased with the placement, but asks me how often I am going to see it. “Every day!” I tell Her. “Multiple times per day!” She seems pleased by that response.

She pulls my calendar off of the fridge and crosses off some dates. I get on my knees beside Her, snuggling up to Her. She seems happy to have me below Her. She continues to go over the calendar and add dates for several future yoga classes. She tells me that I don’t have to go, but She will be going. “I would love to go!!” I respond.

She reminds me that no music is playing, and I rush to start Her favorite concert. In my place, the kitchen/dining area and the living area are separated by a sort of half-wall, with a step down in to the living room. When I turn around after putting the concert on, She is standing just on the other side of the half-wall. I walk up to Her and She cuddles and kisses me. It feels good to be on a lower level than Her, tilting my head back to meet Her lips. I tell Her, “It feels good to be below you.” She is pleased by my words.

Eventually I move back into the kitchen where She is. She tells me I am on the same level as Her now. I say, “Well, I am the same height as you now, I don’t think I’m on your level.” She smiles at me. I love Her smile. She grabs me and kisses me some more. I am completely under Her control. She moves me exactly where She wants. She grabs my butt, fingers around my hold, grabs and strokes my crotch, and jerks me around. I am loving every second of it.

She pulls my head back and exposes my throat. She strokes it and squeezes it. I can’t breathe, but I don’t need to right this second. I know She will let me breathe before it becomes an issue, and She does. She takes care of Her property.

I comment on how strong and powerful She is. She decides to give me a demonstration. She wraps Her arms around my waist and lifts my entire body into the air and holds me aloft with Her strength. She could throw me around like a rag doll if She wanted. We talk and kiss and cuddle for a bit more before it is time for Her to leave. I watch Her pull away and then immediately text Her, thanking Her for deigning to spend time with me again.

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