My First Cooking Lesson

She would be giving me my first cooking lesson this day. I was so excited to learn how to serve Her better. I know that if I always do the best that I can to follow Her instructions to the letter, I can become everything that She wants me to be. My first task would be to go shopping.

She had given me a very specific list of items to procure from two different establishments. I do not normally cook much more than chik’n nuggets or mac n’cheese, so finding all of these items would be a challenge. I walked up and down the aisles repeatedly, circling the stores multiple times to find everything.

I had to text Her to check whether or not a celery bunch was the same as a celery heart. They are not. Thankfully She was able to direct me to the exact spot where the celery hearts were. No single celery hearts were available, so I had to get a pack of two. I did my best to select the absolute best green pepper and tomatoes, but was unable to find any perfect specimens. I would have to get extra to make sure there was enough quality material to work with.

She texted me telling me to pick up some champagne as well, so I grabbed a bottle as I was running around trying to find the other items. I didn’t have any champagne flutes, so I would have to go buy some of those as well. If you have read my previous journals, you are likely expecting me to be sweating profusely at this point, and you are not wrong. The air conditioning in the store was useless against the creeping sense of panic that I would not be able to find all of the items in the amount of time that I had available.

I had never, ever bought anything from the deli before. Hard to believe maybe, but true nonetheless. I had avoided it because of the human interaction necessary. I would do it for Her though. It turned out to be an easy task. I don’t know why I had avoided it for so long. She is helping me to become better. I know that if I can follow Her instructions, I can become everything She wants me to be.

I was not really sure about the olives. The list said “2 tall jars of green olives.” I looked for the jars that looked tall and said “green olives,” and grabbed two of those. I was thankful that I was able to find the very select nuts that She required. I struggled to find the bagel crisps with a black and green bag. I was in a hurry because I had gone to the specified locations out of order, and bought the items that required refrigeration first. I must be more careful to follow Her instructions exactly. Finally I saw the bags of bagel crisps with a black bag and green logo and snatched them up.

I hurried to pick up the photo of Her that I had ordered printed per her instruction, a frame, champagne flutes, and some other items that I still needed to be able to finish Her birthday gift. I sped home and put all the items in their proper places. I needed to take a shower and get ready for Her arrival. I rushed to get everything in place and get myself well-groomed for Her. I was so looking forward to learning how to serve Her better.

I went over the list one last time and realized there were items not in the specific store lists that was expected to have at my house and would need to acquire if I did not already. I rushed back out to the local store and quickly got the tin foil and oregano. I also purchased a new cookie sheet, because the one I owned was looking a little bit blackened. Unfortunately I was in such a hurry that I left the cookie sheet behind at the store. I must have left too quickly for anyone to catch me. I did not realize my error until I got home and was both too embarrassed and too pressed for time to return for it.

I had just finished shaving when She showed up. Fuck! I did not have Her wine poured yet. I hurried to open the door for Her and pick up all the things I needed to carry for Her. I brought all of the things inside and apologized for not having Her wine poured already.

I brought out the glasses and wine and attempted to crack the ice cubes out of their trays but they were stuck fast. I attempted to twist the tray but the ice was so thick and hard that I was not getting any movement at all. I grasped the edges of the tray and proceeded to bend them downward, forcing the middle of the tray to bend upward. The tray went from not budging to snapping directly in half with a burst of kinetic energy that sent shards of ice and plastic flying in all directions!!

O/our eyes both widened in surprise and we burst out laughing simultaneously. “You are such a fucking idiot!!” She exclaimed between bouts of derisive laughter. I don’t know why, but I love when She calls me that. I really am an idiot. Thankfully She seems to get some amusement out of it. I am always happy when I am able to please Her. As I scrambled to collect the shards of plastic and rapidly melting ice from the floor, She picked up one of the ice tray halves and proceeded to pop out the cubes with ease.

I’d like to think that it was the kinetic energy released from the snap that loosened the ice cubes, but it was probably the sheer force of Her will that made them pop out so easily. As I finished pouring Her drink She reminded me that there was no music on, and that I needed to cut some cheese for Her. I got the cheese out and began cutting some while She looked over one of the bags of items that I had acquired.

She told me that I had gotten the wrong bagel crisps. “They are supposed to be garlic bagel crisps,” She said. She pointed at the bag. “This bag is blue and black,” She said. I was supposed to have gotten the ones in the black and green bag, not the ones in the black and blue bag with the green logo. In my haste to find the item, I had picked up the wrong ones. I immediately apologized and promised to go back the next day to get the proper crisps. She made me pull out Her list of items that I had printed off and sure enough, She had specified “garlic flavored.” I am such an idiot.

She sat down and I grabbed the plate of cheese and brought it out to Her. I sat as close to Her as possible, pressing my body into Hers, and held the plate of cheese where She could access it easily. She reminded me that there still wasn’t any music. I put down my wine and picked up the remote while holding the plate of cheese in my other hand. At least I had prepared for Her arrival and queued up Her favorite concert ahead of time, so I only needed to quickly press play to satisfy Her.

We sat and talked and had a bit of wine and cheese. As usual, She is leading the conversation. As usual, I am eating when She tells me I should. As we sit and talk, I am touching Her just the way She likes; just the way She taught me. She kisses me just the way She wants. I am putty in Her hands. I will bring Her enjoyment any way that I can.

Eventually She finishes Her wine and it is time to get ready for my first cooking lesson. We make our way towards the kitchen. She notices the big sign I have hung on the refrigerator saying, “This ______,” reminding me that the word “this” is a modifier and should never be adjacent to a verb. It must always be used in combination with a noun. Also written in smaller script is “There…” circled with a line through it. She does not like it when I begin sentences with that word. I will do my best not to make these mistakes in the future. She is pleased by my efforts. I always enjoy pleasing Her.

She was happy that I had been so quick to purchase tickets for a future event that She has decided we will be attending, but She was unhappy that they were not hung on the refrigerator. She instructed me to procure some magnetic clips to hang them properly. I apologized and promised to do as She had instructed as soon as possible.

She has me pour Her more wine and then tells me to strip out of my clothes and put on my polka dot apron and matching panties. I eagerly comply. She has me show Her the picture of Her that She had sent me to put on my nightstand. She also had me show Her the pillow case I had that was the exact same one from Her picture. She seemed pleased by both of these things. She also told me exactly where She wanted me to hang the painting She had won for me at an event we had both attended. I love having things in my place that remind me of Her.

She also notices the other items I had set out near the painting: a cock cage, a butt plug, and some lube. “Just some options. I know you like options,” I say with an innocent shrug.

“I think you should put that cage on right now,” She remarks.

7 thoughts on “My First Cooking Lesson”

  1. Hello Mistress I think you are doing a great job in teaching your slave to cook for you now maybe get him to cook for you and your lover in the future.
    Think its great you dressed him up already like as a sissy perhaps your in control does he dress you up in sexy lingerie aswell mistress.kieron

  2. I do enjoy him dressing him in femme from time to time, but not all the time. I do enjoy that he eagerly does it as my whim.

    1. I could care less if my slaves get erect or are needy. They should do whatever pleases me even if they become needy bitches. I am their ultimate. They’ve never met a Domme like me.

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