Kissing Lessons

Today the wonderful woman who goes by the moniker “craveme” would be giving me kissing lessons, but first we would go to the bar where we had first met for a drink. I arrived a few minutes before Her, procured Her favorite drink, and mine, and then managed to claim Her favorite seat. When She arrived She decided we would be sitting in the lounge chairs again. I handed Her drink to Her and eagerly followed Her over to that area. She is likely going to punish me if I get this bit wrong, but I believe She was wearing the dress that She had worn when we first met. She was as beautiful as ever.

It was a very nice day out. Some people were playing a game and She decided we would sit and watch. She pointed to a table and to where She wanted it moved. I quickly grabbed the edges of the table and yanked. The table did not move, but one of the boards came loose in my hand! OOPS. I quickly put it back. I am not sure if anyone noticed.

I reached around for a more secure hold and found a couple of metal handles. I grasped them and then pulled. Thankfully, they held fast, but the table was so fucking heavy I basically had to roll it into position. I am such a weak-ass bitch. Thankfully She seems to get some amusement out of my awkwardness. She adjusted Her chair and took Her seat, and I pulled my chair up as closely to Hers as possible. Then, we just sat and talked and watched people play. It was just a real nice time.

After a while, we had finished our drinks and She decided we would leave. I followed Her out of the bar and about halfway to Her car before She asked me, “So where are you?”

“Oh, my car is way back there.” I pointed to where we had just come from.

She laughed at me at said, “Well go over there then!”

“Oh yeah, right!” I smiled and waved to Her and then hurried to my car.

Somehow I still managed to get to my place before She did, and I rushed inside to get Her wine poured. I set Her glass on the table and hurried outside. I had just gotten myself into position when I saw Her pull into the driveway. She had told me that She actually liked it when I waited for Her to beckon me to open Her car door. So I remained standing there patiently until She waived me over. I opened Her door and She handed me Her things. She also had a shiny blue bag that She did not hand me. I opened the door for Her and She walked inside.

I put Her things down on the kitchen table, handed Her wine glass to Her, and then immediately asked if I could go to the bathroom. I had waited to be sure myself and Her drink were ready for Her when She arrived. She said “Yes,” with a waive of Her hand, and I hurried off to do my business. I washed my hands twice just to be on the safe side.

“There’s no music,” She said, and I rushed over to start Her favorite concert. She told me to cut up some strawberries and cheese and get myself some wine. I cut up the strawberries and cheese just the way She likes them and put them on a plate. I walked over and offered the plate to Her and She took it and beckoned me to sit down.

Then She handed me the shiny blue bag. It was my birthday present. I won’t tell you what the gifts were or what the card said, just that they were perfect. She can be so sweet when She chooses to be. She did not have to get me anything. I will cherish these gifts forever. As I looked over them, we talked, sipped wine, and ate cheese and strawberries.

As usual, I was waiting for Her to tell me to eat. I want to make sure She gets all that She wants, but also, She seems to enjoy directing me. I also enjoy when She tells me “You can have a strawberry,” or “You can have some cheese.” It makes me happy that She is paying attention to me and makes me feel like She cares about me. I enjoy following Her direction, and thanking Her afterward. She seems to enjoy these interactions as well.

Eventually, She had me refill Her wine glass and clean up the debris from my presents. I enjoyed that She used the word “debris” to describe it. She directed me to sit in the center of the couch. Then, She straddled me. She feels so good on top of me. I am totally under Her control. She asked me how men usually kiss women, and then told me this form of kissing is the inverse of that form. She controls the pressure. She decides the pace. She directs my lips and tongue where they are meant to go.

I thought I understood what She meant, but then I kissed Her back a little too much. I leaned in and put my tongue in Her mouth. She shoved me back and said “NO!” Then She slapped me across the face. The slap was shocking but did not bother me at all. I may have even liked it a little bit. It was only a light slap though. I am sure if She had hit me at full strength She would have left a hand print on my face that would have stung for days. She is very strong, and not one with which to be fucking. I immediately went limp and laid back while She ground my nipples between Her fingertips, and I begged Her for Her forgiveness.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, I got over excited! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” I pleaded for Her to take pity on me and deign to forgive me. She tweaked my nipples a bit more, then finally released me. She explained to me what I had done wrong, but my error had been clear to me as soon as I had felt Her hand connect with my face. I was thankful not to have received a harder slap. I will have to be very careful never to make that mistake again.

She continued to play with my nipples as She kissed me more. She was in complete control. She told me to put my hands on Her thighs, “Under the dress.” I happily obliged. I love the way Her nylon covered legs feel under my hands, and the enjoyment She receives from my gentle touch. Giving Her pleasure always brings me pleasure. She continued to play with my nipples as She is kissed and cuddled me.

My nipples were so sensitive I could barely stand it, but I knew She was enjoying herself, and Her enjoyment makes me happy. I focused on the softness of Her lips, and the weight of Her body on top of mine. I could not tell you how long this moment lasted for. I was completely in the moment the entire time. Past, future, and the outside world ceased to exist. It was Her and I and nothing else but bliss.

Eventually, She tired of straddling me and moved to sit next to me. My head was spinning. I was so happy and thankful for everything She had given me that day. We cuddled as we talked for a while about the movies on my shelf, and She asked me about my celebrity crushes. She was kinder to me today than I ever have any right to expect.

When the credits rolled on Her favorite concert, it was time for Her to go. I am always sad to see Her go, but I am always thankful for every moment of Her time that She spends on me. I am fully aware of how lucky I am to have been able to pique Her interest at all. I know that every interaction with Her is a gift of which I am not deserving.

All I can do is do the best that I can to be everything She wants me to be. I will always give Her 100%. I will always do my best to show Her continued improvement. She deserves nothing less, and so much more. I know that if I can keep Her interested long enough, She can help me reach my full potential and I can become everything She wants me to be.

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  1. Dear Mistress I think you are becoming the perfect couple slave is being well trained by you to become the perfect slave that a Mistress deserves.

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