I Met the Most Wonderful Woman

I met the most wonderful woman today. The truth is, I had felt connected to Her before we had even met. I had been drawn to Her profile. The pictures that She had posted were representative of Her strength and beauty. Her profile sounded serious. I liked how blunt She was. It seemed that our interests were in alignment.

At first, the physical kink related possibilities were all that had really entered my conscious mind. I think that at a deeper level, I really wanted a deeper connection, even if I was not consciously aware of it at the time. Every interaction with Her, starting with Her initial reply to me, demanding that I tell Her more about myself, “non-kink,” was like peeling back another layer.

I had just finished parking, when I looked up, and saw Her walking by. I had never seen Her face before, but somehow I knew it was Her. I felt a connection with Her even then. I followed Her into the bar where we were to meet, and my connection to Her has been growing stronger even since.

She was strong and beautiful. She naturally dominated everyone around Her. She told me exactly what She wanted, and I did my best to please Her. I fucked up of course, and She corrected me where necessary.

I must have pleased Her in some way, because She would touch me and push up against me. She scolded me when I touched Her leg by accident though. I shouldn’t be so clumsy. I would like to blame the alcohol, but I had barely even started drinking at that point. She asked me many personal questions, and I tried to answer them as completely as I could, while I kept staring at Her eyes.

It was partly because Her eyes were so beautiful, and partly because I was trying to avoid staring at Her breasts. She called me out on both counts. First, She asked me if I had asked permission to look Her in the eye. Of course I hadn’t. How stupid of me.

It’s almost as bad as when She had to tell me to open the door for Her. What an idiot I am. I had even forgotten to bring Her coat over when we were seated at the table.

I asked Her then if I could look Her in the eye, and She denied me. I spent the next several minutes trying very hard to answer more questions while never looking Her in the eye, and failing horribly. She scolded me, and I tried to do better, but I suck.

Eventually, She took pity on me and permitted me to look Her in the eyes again. It was really nice. She actually didn’t seem to mind me stealing glances at Her breasts though, which was equally nice.

We enjoyed some haddock bites and fries and went over my list of limits. She seemed somewhat shocked that scat wasn’t in my list of hard limits. It was in my soft limits! It’s not like I desire being shit on, but I just don’t think it goes in the same category as poison and fire! Anyway…

She seemed to take issue with some of my soft limits as well. I assured Her the soft limits are all negotiable based on trust, and She seemed to be OK with that.

At one point She left the table, and when She returned some other older dude had sat down at our table. She asked me if he had talked to me and I said, “A little bit.” I told Her that he had asked if he could sit there.

She said, “And you told him yes?” I nodded. She then leaned over real close and whispered in my ear, “You’re a real loser huh?” I smiled and nodded sheepishly. I wasn’t mad that She called me a loser at all. Something about the way She whispered it made me feel good. She can call me whatever She wants.

The guy tried to ask what site we met on, but She wouldn’t give it up. He asked over and over, blah blah blah, but She can’t be broken. Our secrets are safe with Her, I think.

Eventually, it was time to go. She allowed me to walk Her to Her car. I was careful never to step in front of Her. Then something very unexpected happened. She not only allowed me to get close to Her, but She allowed me to smell Her neck, and even kiss Her cheek. It was amazing. We are seeing each other again on Friday. I could not be happier.

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