Her Lemon Chicken

Today She would be teaching me to cook Her Lemon Chicken, but first… She brought me lunch today! She had told me She would. She had said that She would be bringing burritos. I was super excited! She texted me when She was heading my way and I arrived a mere 30 seconds after She did. I hurried to take Her things as She handed them to me. I rushed to unlock the door and open it for Her and we made our way to the kitchen.

I would need to go back to work, and She would not. So She would be having wine, and I would not. She had also brought all of the supplies necessary for O/our cooking lesson! First I helped Her put away all of the items that needed refrigeration. Then I brought out plates, and She placed our burritos on them. She told me I should get myself a drink. “Yes, Ma’am,” I replied, “Can I get you a drink, some wine?”

“Yes,” She says. I get Her wine and my water and sit down adjacent to Her. I am already sweating, so She tells me to go get my fan. I get it set up and grab a sweat towel as well. I am such a disgusting pig. She says I may eat, so I open my burrito and dig in.

I have never had a better tasting burrito. She knows food. I am excited for O/our cooking lesson later, but right now this burrito is amazing. I chow down while She nibbles on Hers as She corrects my journal about O/our first cooking lesson, where She had taught me how to make pesto sandwiches. I am always thankful for Her corrections. She knows what She is doing. I know that if I can follow Her instructions, She can help me reach my full potential. I will do my best not to make the same mistakes again.

After I finish most of my burrito, She asks me why I am not sitting next to Her. I tell Her I didn’t want to get my mess all over Her. She laughs at me, then I move my chair over next to Hers and press my body as close to Hers as possible. I cuddle Her as She finishes correcting my journal. When She is done, She kisses me. I love when She kisses me. Unfortunately, I needed to go back to work.

I wrapped up what was left of O/our burritos and walked with Her to Her car. She drove away and I headed back in to work. Later we would be meeting at the bar where we had first met. She would be meeting another potential sub, and I would be accompanying Her.

After work I stopped home real quick to change clothes, then headed out to the bar where She and I had first met. I arrived before She did, procured O/our beverages, and then claimed Her favorite seat. She and the wannabe sub arrived at the same time. She took Her seat next to me and I handed Her wine to Her, then began adding ice from another glass, one cube at a time, as She likes. She put Her visor and sunglasses in my lap.

When I have finished transferring the ice to Her glass, She tells me that She will likely need more ice. It was hot and I had purchased the drinks a few minutes early, so the ice had melted a bit. I asked if it was okay to put Her things down on my seat, and She nodded. I hurried inside and got Her ice.

When I returned, I put Her things back in my lap and proceeded to move the ice to Her glass, one cube at a time. When I had finished, She instructed me to dump the remaining water on the ground and then take the ice glasses back into the bar and get some napkins. I did so, and promptly returned to my seat, placing Her things back in my lap and then handing Her a napkin when She gestured for one.

I did not pay much attention to the wannabe sub, but could not help but notice that he neglected to bring his list of limits as She had instructed. Not a good start, failing to comply with your first instruction, and such an important one. She gave him a pen and paper and had him write them out then and there.

As he was writing, She whispered in my ear, telling me, “This has nothing to do with you and me, but in a minute I am going to ask you to switch places with him, because I don’t want this table to hear what we are discussing.” I nod, eternally grateful that She thought to give me a heads up. She knows how my brain works.

I sip my drink while alternating my gaze between Her beautiful face and Her tantalizing cleavage. As She had said, She asks us to switch places. We do so, and I settle into my new seat with Her things on my lap once again. I focus on Her, and the drink in my hand.

As She conducted Her interview, She periodically paused and talked to me for a moment here and there. I am always thankful for any attention that She gives me. Even when She was talking with him, She would touch my leg with Her foot, or put Her foot on top of mine. When the interview was over, She and I left together, then met back at my place for my next cooking lesson!

Today She was going to teach me how to cook Her Lemon Chicken. I didn’t have enough time to pour Her wine before She arrived, but I was outside to help Her carry in Her things and open the door for Her. She allowed me to pour Her wine, and then instructed me to strip and put on my little polka dot apron.

I happily complied, stripping of my sweaty rags and donning the polka dot apron and matching panties. She stopped me part way through dressing and kissed me, grabbing my ass and package. She held me there for a moment and then gave my cock a playful slap and went into the kitchen. I hurried to finish dressing and followed behind Her.

She showed me how to flatten the chicken using the meat tenderizer. She showed me how to place the prosciutto, spinach, and cheese, and how to fold over the flattened breasts. Then She had me get out the lemon squeezer that She had bought me for this occasion. She showed me how to cut the lemon in half, then place one half in the squeezer, and squeeze the lemon juice all over the top of the chicken. I could tell this meal was going to be amazing.

She had already preheated the oven, so She had me put in the chicken while She started the rice. I observed Her special rice cooking technique with great interest. I can’t wait until She allows me to cook for Her. I will do my best to serve Her in any way that I can.

While we were waiting for the food to cook, She would be allowing me to shave Her legs again! I was so excited to have another opportunity to serve Her in this way. I would be sure to do a better job this time. I must always show continuous improvement if I am to have any hope of holding Her interest.

The leg shaving went much more smoothly this time. I knew the appropriate amount of water to wet Her legs with. She helped me determine the appropriate amount of shaving cream to use, but I was pretty close. With Her direction, I was able to find the appropriate amount of pressure to apply to the razor to get a close shave with no damage. I even managed to avoid getting shaving cream on Her dress.

I caressed Her legs as I went, making sure I did not miss any spots. I caressed them a little more than necessary to make sure, and also just to caress them. When I had finished Her first leg, She sent me to go check and stir the rice, and get Her more wine. When I finished shaving Her legs, She allowed me to apply Her special lotion to them. Just three squirts per leg. Her legs were so soft and smooth, I would have been happy to stay on my knees and stroke them forever. At that moment however, it was time to check on the food!

The rice was just a little crispy at the bottom, but She actually likes it that way, and so do I. She instructed me to get plates and silverware and then showed me how to plate the meal. I refilled Her wine, and mine, as She instructed. I brought out Her wine, then mine and my plate, and sat next to Her.

I waited for Her to take the first bite, then She gestured to me, saying, “You can eat.” I tried the rice first, as She had. It tasted amazingly good. Then I tasted the chicken. I can honestly say this chicken is the best fucking chicken I have ever had. It is so incredibly tender and flavorful, and it goes great with Her favorite wine. I eat slowly and savor every bite.

As we are eating, She is correcting my last journal entry. I love watching Her reactions as She reads my writing. I love Her smile and Her laugh. I am always thankful for Her corrections. She is helping me become a better writer. I know if I can continue to follow Her guidance, She can help me reach my full potential.

She enjoys the writing, but is disappointed that I have fucked up my usage of the word “this” several times again! I am disappointed too. I don’t know why I keep making that mistake. Perhaps I did not have enough time to go back and search for the word to correct it, but that excuse is inadequate. I should not be writing it incorrectly in the first place. I beg for Her forgiveness and tell Her that I will of course accept whatever punishment She deems appropriate.

She pushes Her chair back and points to Her knee. “Get over it,” She says. I bend myself over Her knee in a sort-of yoga down dog pose, and She spanks my nearly bare ass rapidly and hardly. It stings, but it feels good at the same time. I know She is going a little easy on me because She enjoyed the content of the writing. I know that She could hit me a lot harder and for a lot longer if She wanted. I will do my best to break all of my bad habits for Her. I will show Her continuous improvement.

When the spanking was over, She had me clean off the table and pour a little more wine. She spent the next several minutes kissing and cuddling me. She painted my lips with some of Her special tingly lip gloss, and kissed me some more. A relevant song came on, and I sang to Her as I enjoyed Her embrace. I have zero confidence in my singing ability, but it seemed to make Her happy. Making Her happy always makes me happy.

Eventually She had to leave, of course. I don’t ever like to see Her go, but I am not sad. I can’t possibly feel sad because I am overflowing with joy that She decided to make the time for me at all. I will do my best to serve Her well. I will be everything that I can be for Her.

Later She texted me and said I did a great job on Her legs. She said they felt amazing. She repeated this commendation again a couple of days later. I am so happy that I was able to satisfy Her.

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