Her Creation

She hadn’t told me what we would be doing this day. She had only told me that I was to be wearing my chastity device. I didn’t know if I would have time to go home and put it on after work, so I put it on in the morning and wore it all day. The cock cage and the bite mark She had left me the day before were constant reminders of Her throughout the day. Her bite mark was right where my shoulder strap goes, and I was never unaware of the cage. It weighed down my package. I had to adjust it whenever I sat down. When I peed, I had to pull my foreskin out of the hole in the cage to make sure I didn’t piss all over myself. It was a little exciting being constantly aware of these BDSM elements while also knowing that no one around me had any idea that they were present.

Toward the end of my work day, She texted me and let me know that we would be cooking at my place. At the end of my work day, She texted me again and let me know when She would be arriving. I hurried home and started getting everything ready for Her. Her wine glass was filled with ice and placed in the freezer. My latest journal was printed for Her, and set on the table with Her pen on top. I had Her favorite concert loaded and ready to play. I had sliced some cheese and put it on a plate in the refrigerator.

Shortly after I arrived home, She texted me letting me know She would be bringing Her dog. I immediately set out a bowl of cold water. Ten minutes later, She texted me assigning me that exact task. I proudly texted Her back saying, “Already done, Ma’am!” followed by the customary colon and right parenthesis.

She told me to get out both the medium and large pots, the cutting board, a chopping knife, and a vegetable peeler. Then She texted me telling me to have some cheese, pepperoni, and crackers ready for Her. I texted Her right back saying I didn’t have a vegetable peeler! She texted back, “Fuck.” I asked Her if I should go to the store and get one. She told me to ask my neighbor to borrow one. She said She thought it was a cruel solution. “It’s completely cracking me up,” She said. She knows how apprehensive I feel when interacting with humans. I enjoyed Her amusement, despite my heightened anxiety.

I set out the items as She had told me, minus the non-existent vegetable peeler. I added some crackers and pepperoni to the cheese plate I had in the fridge. Before I knew it, She had arrived. I rushed outside to meet Her and carry Her things inside the house. I poured Her wine for Her and got the snack plate out of the fridge, then pressed play on Her favorite concert. She told me I should go ask my neighbor to borrow the peeler before She makes me get naked. “Yes Ma’am!” I said, and went to knock on my neighbor’s door, but they weren’t home.

I came back empty handed, and told Her it looked like my neighbors were not home. I said I could sort of peel vegetables with a knife. “So can I,” She said. I was glad we had a solution, and a little relieved I did not have to talk to my neighbor. She had me take the food items out of a bag She had brought and set them on the counter. We would be making Her macaroni salad for an event She would be attending. She instructed me to take the plastic wrapping off of a cucumber. It was more difficult than it should have been. While I fumbled with the cucumber, She took stock of everything else.

“I can’t believe you don’t have a vegetable peeler,” She said. “Do you have a can opener?” She asked.

“Ugh…” I fumbled around my utensil drawer. “No.”

“Are you kidding me?!” She asked, clearly becoming frustrated with my lack of basic kitchenware. I tried to make excuses. “It’s a can opener!” She says. I try to think of other ways we can open a can without one, but they are all stupid. “You’re going to have to go to the store and get one,” She said. I apologized and rushed out to the store. I moved quickly, and thankfully was able to get back with both the can opener and vegetable peeler in only ten minutes.

When I returned, She immediately had me strip. I was wearing nothing but my cock cage. She had already started boiling the eggs, and was correcting my latest journal. It contained so many grammatical errors that She had made me wait for correction before posting. I had been in such a hurry to get caught up with the writing that I didn’t proofread thoroughly enough. She was irritated by my usage of the word “there.” She wrote “LAZY” above it, and “IDIOCY!!!” under it. To the right She wrote, “Seriously? Do I need to remind you again that I am too nice to you?” I shall have to be very careful in the future. I can only imagine what She will do to me if I make that same mistake again.

She commanded me to kneel at Her feet. She said She wanted to get a good picture of me on my knees snuggling Her leg. I enjoy kneeling before Her and snuggling Her legs very much. I laid my head down where She directed, and placed my hand on Her leg as She instructed. I hoped that She was not taking a picture of my face. I was not very worried about it though. I am trusting Her more and more.

It was insanely hot inside my place, so much that She had to open the back door that faces the neighbors house. She kept the door wide open the entire time we were cooking. I hoped the neighbors were really away, and not just deciding not to come to the door. I did my best not to step in front of the open door, but sometimes it could not be avoided.

While She continued to make corrections, She had me peel the cucumber, then open and drain the black olives. When I was done with that, She asked if I remembered how to cut the celery. She had shown me Her way the last time we made macaroni salad, at the lake house, but I had forgotten. I watched as She cut away the bad parts, leaving the hearts of the celery. She showed me to bifurcate each lengthwise, then stack the halves and slice them together. I sliced the cucumber in half, per Her instruction, and then stacked the halves and sliced them together at the thickness She specified.

As I sliced the veggies, She wound up a towel and then whipped me with it. Sometimes She just barely missed me, which was scary but also a bit of a relief. Sometimes She hit me spot on like She had a real whip, complete with a crack. As She was toying with me, I was trying to look over my shoulder to know when the whip is coming. She notices what I am doing and adjusts Her tactics to maintain the element of surprise. “Is it better knowing or not knowing the whip is coming?” She asked. I honestly don’t know. She left me some pretty impressive red marks. I love how much enjoyment She gets out of leaving Her marks on me.

The vegetables were tossed into a bowl. She had already sliced the black olives into it. She strained the eggs and rinsed them in cold water, so we didn’t have to wait so long before we could peel them. She had me help Her cut up the green olives. It is much easier to cut up olives when they don’t have pits in them. I was lucky that She had done the shopping this time. O/our final cooking task was to peel and cut the eggs. I watched what She was doing and did my best to imitate Her actions as closely as possible.

When the egg were sliced, She told me that we are done cooking for the night and that She would finish the rest of the macaroni salad at Her place. She had brought us something else for dinner. It was a special concoction consisting mainly of zucchini, tomatoes, cheese. She likes to eat it chilled, and decided it would be a nice remedy for the brutal heat. She also split with me some sort of chicken caprese sandwich that She had left over from lunch. She is so kind to share Her food with me.

I brought O/our plates to the table, and She thankfully closed the back door. I initially sat in the wrong place, but She corrected me, and told me which chair to bring over next to Her. We sat and ate and talked about different things. She told me about the origin of Her zucchini dish, and where She procured the sandwich. Her creation is quite tasty, and refreshing. I am happy that She has shared this dish with me. I hope some day She will teach me how to make it for Her.

We talked about the music that was playing, and occasionally She would have me get up and play a specific song. As we ate and talked, She allowed me to caress Her nylon covered legs. She crossed them both over my lap. Her calves are so thick and strong. I love when She allows me to touch them. Occasionally She leaned in to kiss me.

When we were done with O/our meal, She decided that we would shower together. She told me to go set out a clean towel for Her. When I returned to Her, She had already taken Her panties off, and proceeded to shove them into my face, over my nose. I inhaled deeply. Her scent filled my nostrils with every breath. I would have kept Her panties on my face indefinitely, but before long She had disrobed and it was time to follow Her into the shower.

O/our shower was very refreshing. She was not trying to get us clean, just cooled down. We cuddled and kissed as the cool water rained down on us. I love the feeling of being so close to Her, with so much of my naked body touching Hers; it feels very intimate to me. She keeps turning the water temperature down, and we are reminded of the cold shower that She made me take a couple of weeks ago. We both get a good laugh out of the memory, but I am thankful that She does not bring the temperature down so much this time. We have a pleasant, refreshing, and relaxing shower together.

Unfortunately, after O/our shower it was time for Her to go. She allowed me to don shorts and carry Her things to Her car. She took a moment to relish the marks She had left me, and took a picture so She could show them off. I am happy that She is pleased with Her work. My body is Her canvas. I look forward to seeing Her next masterpiece. I wonder what implement She will choose to render it. Before She goes, She gives me another one of Her big hugs, and some tingly kisses, and another nice big bite on my shoulder. I have begun to look forward to Her shoulder bites and miss the lingering soreness when it is gone. I enjoy the constant reminder of Her. I hope She will give me another one the next time I see Her.

Later that night, She sent me the pics She had taken of me kneeling at Her feet, and of the marks She had left me. She commanded me to post them online, and I did so as soon as possible. I made sure not to fuck up the descriptions this time. She asked me if I was still wearing the chastity device. I was. She had not given me any instruction to take it off yet. She texted me back saying, “Good. Keep it on until 8a.” I was happy that I had pleased Her, and very relieved that She had decided to release me from the cage before O/our swim class in the morning. What we do in that class would be extremely difficult while caged, and I am sure that the cage would show through my wet swim trunks.

The next morning, I woke up about fifteen minutes before I was allowed to remove the chastity device. My cock wanted to be erect, but the device of course would not allow it. As my cock swelled, it pushed the cage away from my body, causing it to tug on my balls. It was both pleasurable and painful at the same time. It was a strange mixture of arousal and discomfort. As I became more aroused, more discomfort occurred, but the discomfort itself was somehow arousing. The combination caused my cock to swell up as much as it possibly could within the cage, and drag my balls as far away from my body as they would go. When that point was reached, my discomfort surpassed my arousal, and my cock temporarily retreated, only to rise again as soon as the discomfort had passed.

I was so thankful when my alarm rang and I was finally able to set my cock free. I hurried to get ready for O/our swim class. I am going to get so strong for Her. She is going to form me into exactly what She wants me to be.

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