Good Graces

Today She decided that She would show me how to make burgers Her way. She had given me a list of items to procure in addition to what I had used the last time I had made burgers for Her. I was so happy that She had decided to see me again. I had made a mistake the other day, and had really upset Her, and I still haven’t fully made up for it yet. She had been nice to me at swim class, and had chosen to see me again today, so I knew that She had at least partially forgiven me for my unconscious insult. I also know that She will not forget, and I know that I never will either.

I had everything prepared for Her ahead of time and was waiting for Her outside as She pulled into the driveway. When She opened Her car door, She handed me a rice crispy treat and said “Here, this treat is for you.” I was so excited that She had decided to give me a treat. It had little mini M&Ms on top. I looked forward to eating it later while thinking of Her.

We went inside and I started Her concert on our way to the kitchen, then poured Her wine as She looked over the items on the kitchen table. I had placed some gifts for Her next to O/our folder, and my latest journal writing. The gifts were nothing big, just some party favors I had picked up at my friends birthday party that I thought She might like. It was sort of an 80’s themed party so I had snagged a head band, a snap bracelet, and some weird 80’s style glove, all in Her favorite color. I had also grabbed a button featuring the gang from a movie we both love.

She smiled when She saw the items. She was amused by the glove but wondered why there was only one of them. Hey, it was the 80’s right? Besides, it was the only one in Her favorite color that I could find. She chuckled a bit at the items, and played a bit with the slap bracelet. I recalled how they used to be made out of metal, and covered with cloth, and they had been apparently discontinued because kids were getting cut on them. She seemed disinterested by this bit of trivia. I shall do my best not to bore Her with such nonsense in the future.

“Alright, now get out the ingredients for the burgers,” She directed. Everything is always easier when She tells me exactly what to do. In addition to the ingredients that I had used to make burgers for Her previously, She had instructed me to acquire dried basil, Worcestershire sauce, a large onion, a tomato, and some cleaned and cut mushrooms.

She showed me how to properly cut the onions and mushrooms. “You can’t fuck this task up,” She said. I gave Her a sheepish sideways grin. “Well, maybe you can,” She added. We laughed together. After I have finished cutting, She instructs me to melt some butter in a frying pan.

She instructs me to get Her a bowl and I watch as She sprinkles the appropriate amount of each ingredient onto the meat. Then She tells me to mix it up. I scramble to find an appropriate spoon. “I would just use your hands,” She says.

“Oh okay!” I say as I dig my hands into the meat and mix everything together as best as I can. I pause to ask for Her approval and She seems satisfied with what I am doing, so I continue until everything is thoroughly mixed in with the meat. Then, She tells me to form the patties. I show Her what I normally do, and She approves, until I take too long trying to get one perfectly rounded. “That one is done,” She tells me. I don’t know how long I would have continued to attempt to round out that stupid burger if She had not stopped me. She reminds me to wash my hands before touching anything else.

When the butter is melted, She stirs in the onions. I ask if I should cover the pan. She does not think it will make a difference, but tells me to go ahead, so I do. The pan I have is really smaller than it should be for this job. As the onions cook, She decides to sit down and correct my latest journal. It is my job to pay attention to the onions, but I can’t help but pay attention to Her corrections as well.

I am ecstatic to see that the only correction She has made is that I had missed a single comma. I am even happier to see Her draw two smiley faces at different points in the writing. I am happy that I pleased Her, and that I didn’t make the same mistakes that had earned Her ire in the past. I am improving for Her. Her time spent with me is not wasted. I will be everything that I can be for Her.

Unfortunately, I allow the onions to get a little crispier than they should. If I’d had a better pan, or stirred them more, or paid more attention, it probably wouldn’t have happened. Thankfully, She decides not to let the mishap bother Her. She sets aside the onions and then has me melt some more butter for the mushrooms and the burgers.

As we wait for the remaining items to cook, She stands in front of me and begins to draw me to Her. I lean in and softly kiss Her lips, then immediately look up at Her, eyes wide. She seems as surprised by my action as I am. “Oops, I stole that one, sorry Ma’am,” I quickly apologize. Thankfully, She seems amused. She smiles at me and brings me in for further kisses. This time, I wait for Her lips to touch mine.

When the mushrooms are done, She mixes the onions back in to them. She has me flip the burgers and add the cheese when appropriate. As the cheese is melting, She shows me how She likes Her tomatoes to be prepared. When dinner is ready, She shows me the proper way to plate everything, and we sit down to eat. I refill our wine and set the table with napkins and silverware, as She instructs.

We had cooked the burgers a little longer than we needed to, but they were still very good. “Live and learn,” She says, shrugging. I will do my best to learn everything that I can from Her. As we eat, we talk about various personal things.

Soon it was time for Her to go, but first there were some songs that She wanted to hear. First She wanted to hear a song that I had told Her about. It had come on for me randomly, and reminded me of Her. Many key lines in the song remind me of Her, but what doesn’t remind me of Her? I couldn’t stop thinking about Her if I tried.

She knows the song, and likes it. She has me play another song. I remember that I know this one, and remind Her that is because She had sent it to me in a text one night. I like that we have similar tastes in music, but a different enough experience that we have a lot that we can share with each other. I love when She introduces me to new things, and I love when I am able to share things with Her.

The last song She had me play was the siren song from “O’ Brother Where Art Thou?” I could listen to Her siren song forever, but for now it was time for Her to go. She had already stayed longer than She had planned. After She had gone, I continued to play music that reminded me of Her as I snacked on the treat She had bought me and thought of what I could possibly write to do this night justice in Her eyes.

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