Face Time

Today, we would be making some more schmear, and I would be shaving Her legs. I had a plate of cheese, pepperoni, and chicken ready for Her, but She had to remind me to bring out the bagel chips. She was pleased I had prepared everything necessary for the schmear and already begun the process in anticipation of Her arrival. We sliced the olives together as we talked and listed to music. I enjoy cooking things with Her. She tells me just what I need to do. When we finished making the schmear, She instructed me to fill up a container for Her and one for myself.

She told me I should get everything set up for Her leg shaving if I hadn’t already. I had everything set up in the bathroom except for the fan, so I grabbed it and rushed it into the bathroom. I returned to Her, and She told me to take off my pants and underwear. I happily obliged, shedding my remaining garments as She took Her seat.

When I knelt before Her, She smiled at me and said, “I want you to think about how the fan is set up, and how it is helping you.” I looked over and realized that the fan was somehow pointed off to one side, completely away from me. I am such an idiot. “How is that fan helping you?” She asked derisively. I laughed at myself along with Her and adjusted the fan in hopes that it would help reduce the volume of revolting sweat that would inevitably flow from my pores.

Her leg shaving went relatively smoothly. She ridiculed me at times, and brought me in for kisses at other times. She occasionally played around with my limp dick, gently kicking it, grabbing and pulling on it, or slapping it. My useless prick has become a running joke with us. My pathetic joke of a penis has never been anywhere near erect around Her. Typically, it shrivels up to almost nothing in Her presence. Today, while I was kneeling before Her and She was kissing me, it became nearly fifteen percent erect. My cock is still completely worthless of course, but I can at least hope that progress is being made. Perhaps some day I will be able to get hard for Her.

When I was finished with Her leg shaving, She felt Her legs and remarked at how smooth they were. I was proud to have done well for Her. She sent me to fill Her wine and proceeded to remove a few key articles of clothing and make Herself comfortable on the bed. She had begun to finger Herself when I returned with Her wine. I knelt beside the bed and asked if there was anything that I could do for Her.

“In a minute,” She said as She continued to pleasure Herself. I remained on my knees and watched Her for a few moments, then got up close and kissed Her on Her cheek and neck as She came. She wiped Her cum covered fingers in my mustache, saturating it with Her juices. I could smell Her when I inhaled. I love the smell of Her. She pushed my mouth open and inserted Her fingers, allowing me to lick and suck Her remaining fluids from them. I love the taste of Her.

“Touch me,” She said, as She spread Her legs. I fumbled around like an idiot for a moment, struggling to even get my finger between her labia, but soon I had made my way to Her Gräfenberg spot. I massaged Her g-spot until my finger was sufficiently soaked, then moved my digit up to massage Her clitoris. She squirmed and moaned as I did my best to pleasure Her just the way She likes.

She belittled me as I continued to finger Her, moaning things like, “Don’t you wish you could fuck me?” and “Don’t you wish your dick worked?” I sure do! I can only imagine! “I need to get fucked by a real man,” She continued. “I want you to watch me get fucked by a real man. You’re going to eat his cum out of my pussy!”

“Yes, Ma’am!” was my response to everything that She said.

After I had brought Her to orgasm a few times with my finger, She decided to allow me to service Her with my mouth. I got into position and began to work Her clit with my tongue, but I was not licking hard enough. “Are you better with your fingers?!” She inquired forcefully and incredulously. I immediately stepped up my game.

She climaxed several times with my face buried deep in Her pussy. She rubbed Herself all over my face, covering me in Her cum. Her juices soaked my facial hair. I licked and sucked Her clit as well as I could, and as consistently as I could, only coming up for air when absolutely necessary. Perhaps if I had an oxygen tank attached to my nostrils, I could give Her continuous oral pleasure for as long as She desired. I was able to bring Her to orgasm several times despite having to breathe so much.

At one point, She directed me to get up and change the music. As I made my way to the living room, I realized that the front door had been wide open the entire time. I was also acutely aware of how exposed my naked body would be if someone happened to look in at the right angle. I did my best to remain invisible as I changed the music and hurried back to bury my face between Her powerful thighs once again. I will service Her orally for as long as She allows. I love when She comes on my face. I am so happy when I am able to bring Her pleasure.

Two large wet spots from Her pussy juices remained on the bed

She pushed my face away just before the alarm went off, indicating that it was time for Her to leave. My facial hair was saturated with Her cum. Her juices were dripping down my face and onto my chest. She pointed at me and laughed, and I laughed along with Her. Two large wet spots from Her pussy juices remained on the bed, and She directed me to take a picture of them. I am so proud that I was able to please Her so much.

She had me fetch Her lipstick, then applied it to Her lips, and then to mine. She had me play Her another song and we hugged and danced. She gave me more kisses, and began to play with my nipples. She pinched and pulled them a bit, then bent down and sucked one into Her mouth and bit down. The pain was intense, but I endured it for Her. She gave my other nipple the same treatment, leaving both of my nipples hard, red, and exceptionally sensitive. It pleases Her to know that I will be reminded of Her when my tender nipples are rubbing against my shirt later.

I asked Her if I could put pants on so I could walk Her to Her car. “If I say no, are you going to walk me to my car anyway?” She asked with a big smile on Her face. Suddenly I was terrified. I didn’t want to say no to Her, but I couldn’t possibly walk outside completely naked. My brain froze. A single continuous tone from my vocal cords was the only response my feeble mind could formulate. The moment seemed to last forever, but finally She took pity on me and said, “You can put on pants.”

With my pants on, I walked out with Her to Her car. She inspected the bite marks She had previously left me on my shoulders one last time. I am happy that She enjoys Her handiwork. She gave me one more great big hug as my landlord slowly drove by. I was immensely thankful that She had permitted me to don clothing before walking Her to Her car! She knows what’s best for me. She will protect me.

2 thoughts on “Face Time”

  1. You should have given a better description of her legs. They are incredible. Beautiful, so shapely and muscular. and strong beyond belief. If she wants to wrap them around you than that is it. It’s all over. You simply can not move. she doesn’t even need to apply much pressure in order to totally dominate you. I never felt so helpless as when I was in her grasp.

    1. I agree, Her legs are amazing. I have described Her legs in more detail in other journal entries, such as Service Audition Number One, but no amount of words could ever do any part of Her justice. Her legs are silky smooth, except when I fail to apply enough pressure when shaving. Her legs are curvaceous, with an outer layer of softness, and a foundation of solid muscle underneath. I never get tired of touching Her legs. I never get tired of kneeling at Her feet. I feel like She has more strength in one of Her legs than I do in my entire body. Her calves are so thick that I am unable to wrap my hands around them. To receive a kick from Her would be devastating. When She wraps Her thighs around my head, I can do nothing; I cannot move, see, hear, or breathe. All I can feel is Her, enveloping me. No possibility of escaping exists, nor any desire to escape.

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