Eating In

Today She who owns me would be coming over for dinner. We would be eating more of Her Lemon Chicken that we had made the other night. I realized at the last minute that I didn’t have any wine for Her. I had stayed elsewhere the night before and did not get a lunch break today or I would have noticed and replenished the supply sooner.

I only had about eight minutes to spare, but I knew She required Her wine and I didn’t want to keep Her waiting any longer than necessary. I texted Her and rushed off to the store, leaving the door unlocked for Her. I returned with the wine, four minutes past our scheduled time. She was still outside.

I apologized for being late and opened the door for Her. I followed Her into the kitchen, where I prepared Her glass and poured Her wine. She told me to pour myself some and I happily obliged.

“I think we’ll start in the bedroom,” She said, gesturing in that direction. Before I knew it, She was naked on the bed, and I was naked beside Her. First She fingered Herself, while I touched and kissed Her. After I watched Her pleasure Herself, She had me lick Her fingers clean. The way that She looked at me while I did so made me happy.

Then, She allowed me to finger Her. I remembered how She had instructed me to do it. I did not need as much instruction this time. I tried to count how many times She came, but it was hard to tell when one orgasm ended and then next began. I was so happy to have pleased Her.

Next, She decided we would take a shower together. I was excited! She was going to allow me to shower with Her! Plus, a nice shower was just what I needed to wash off all of my disgusting sweat. She allowed me to wash Her beautiful body, instructing me on exactly what to do. I hope She will allow me to wash Her again. I was elated when She washed me. I hope She will wash me again.

After the shower, She went back to the bed. She told me to fill O/our wine and go get Her dildo out of Her bag. We each had a bit of wine, and then it was time for me to get to work. She laid on the bed, and I knelt beside Her. She took the dildo and turned it on, then began to pleasure Herself while I touched and kissed Her. She brought Herself to orgasm while I watched intently. I love to watch Her orgasm. Her pleasure gives me pleasure.

I was happy when She told me to take hold of the dildo. She told me exactly what to do with it, and I did my best to do exactly what She wanted. While I fucked Her with the dildo She kept telling me how She needed a real man, a real cock. She told me I’d never be able to fuck Her that way, that my cock was useless. All I could do is keep whispering, “Yes Ma’am,” as I kissed and smelled Her neck and worked the dildo in and out of Her just as She directed. She must have climaxed at least twice more.

When She was done with the dildo, She told me to take it out and lick it clean. I did as She instructed, glancing at Her eyes while I cleaned Her cum covered dildo with my mouth. I enjoyed the taste, and I enjoyed the look on Her face as She watched me taste it. She owns me.

When the dildo was clean, She spread Her legs and told me to put my tongue to work. I was so happy that She was going to allow me to pleasure Her with my face once again. Having serviced Her orally once before, I had a pretty good idea of what I needed to do to bring Her to orgasm. She came over and over, rubbing Her pussy all over my face, and holding me down as I licked and sucked and hummed on Her clit. I even used my teeth a little when She told me to. I will do whatever She tells me. She holds me down so tight that I can’t breathe through my nose. At times I run out of breath, and my mouth has to leave Her pussy for a moment to get air. I am always sorry when I have to stop to take a breath. I want to keep my mouth on Her pussy and help Her cum as many times as I can.

Eventually She tires of oral service and pushes me away from Her pussy, but then me pulls in close to hug Her and kiss Her neck. My chin hair is soaked with Her pussy juices, dripping even, but She doesn’t seem to mind. She kisses me a little. I love when She kisses me.

Now is time for a different kind of meal. We are going to eat some of Her Lemon Chicken that we had left over from Her cooking instruction the other night. I was so amazingly delicious, I couldn’t wait to eat it again. She had me refill our wine, set the table, and get the chicken out of the refrigerator while She got dressed. I happily obliged.

When She came into the kitchen, She told me to get out two plates. I placed them in front of the chicken, and She told me to get Her a sharp knife. I handed Her the knife and watched as She bifurcated one of the chicken breasts. She placed one half on each plate and the spooned out some rice on each as well. I was surprised that She was doing the work.

“I’m doing this because you don’t know what you’re doing. You better be paying attention,” She tells me as She bastes the chicken in the juices from the bottom of the pan. I couldn’t stop paying attention to Her if I tried. When She is satisfied with the plates, She tells me to microwave them. Her plate first, of course. I serve Her, and then microwave mine and join Her at the table.

She reminds me that we need napkins, so I get back up and get those, then return as quickly as possible, snuggling up close to Her. We talked as we ate. The chicken and rice was so tasty. I’ve never sat down and eaten a meal with someone while being completely nude before. She is able to look down at laugh at my tiny little shrived up prick any time She wants. I do my best not to spill anything on myself. It is quite the experience.

When we are done eating, She tells me She wants to see my strap-on. I bring out the harness and She examines it. I am happy to hear that She thinks it will fit Her just fine. She asks me what I have to go with it, and I return to the bedroom to pull out of a few things. I tell Her, “Well if you’re not going to use lube, probably this is the one,” as I wiggle a six inch white dildo in front of Her and then toss it on the bed like the useless prick it is. She had told me previously that I would be lucky if She used lube. She had sounded serious.

She chucked and said, “And what if I do use lube?” I pull out my big fat black dildo toss it on the bed. “Big black cock,” She says, clearly interested. “You have something bigger though, right?” I laugh and pull out my Doc Johnson 12” Realistic D and flop that monster on the bed. “You can take all of that?” She asks. I tell Her I have, but I have to work up to it. “I can’t wait to fuck you,” She says, smiling. I can’t wait for Her to fuck me either!

She grabs me and kisses me, pushing my head back and down. I bend to Her will and the force of Her strength, and slowly collapse further backwards as She continues to kiss me and push me down to the ground. I bend my knees and arch my neck and back until I have one hand behind me on the floor to hold myself up to Her lips. She stops kissing me and stands up, and I stay in that position. “Nice adaptation,” She says, “You can get up.” I am so happy that She is pleased with me. She fondles me and kisses me some more.

Then, She holds me in place, and bites in to my right shoulder, fucking hard! She clenches and holds me there as I wince in pain and suck in air through my teeth. It hurts like hell, but I know She enjoys my pain, and I know that Her bite will leave a mark to remind me of Her. The bits leaves a red ring of teeth marks, and between them my flesh begins to swell up. “Are you sure you want to be with a sadist?” She asks me.

“Yes. I mean, I’m sure I want to be with you.” She seems to like that answer. She kisses me some more with Her tingly lips and then has me walk Her to Her car. I watch as She drives away, and then immediately text Her to thank Her for spending time with me.

Later that evening we are texting and She asks me how many orgasms I gave Her. I am not sure, they often seemed to blend together. I guess ten. “I have NO idea,” She texts me. She guesses between eight and twelve. I am happy to hear that my estimation was in the same ballpark as Hers. I know I need to be able to give Her at least twelve orgasms to be worth Her time. I am making progress, but I know I will need to keep doing better in order to keep Her interested. I will do whatever I can for Her.

The greatest way for you to please my Owner is to leave comments on these journals. She expects that you will keep your comments related to the content, rather than verbally ejaculating all over the page. You will show Her the respect that She deserves.

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