Today, I would be cleaning Her car for Her while She went for a swim, and then we would be going back to my place for a bit. She was going to be traveling, and She requires an immaculate car when She is traveling. I met Her where She had instructed me and She greeted me with one of Her great big hugs. I love when She hugs me that way. She somehow just squeezes all the stress and negativity out of my body. I always feel good after one of Her big hugs. She handed me Her keys and reminded me how to operate Her car and what time to return.

My first task was to take Her car through an actual car wash. Her car had become dirty from driving down the dirt road to my friends’ cabin the other day. She had told me roughly where She normally took it, and I had no trouble finding it. I did have a stupidly hard time trying to get Her car into neutral. The guy at the car wash had to tell me how to do it. Pathetic.

When the car wash was complete, I headed back to my place to do Her normal car-cleaning routine. This time, it thankfully wasn’t pouring buckets, but unfortunately it was hot as fuck. I went through at least two t-shirts from sweating, and was constantly having to towel off. Even so, today’s cleaning went quite a bit more smoothly than the last. I felt like a did a thorough job and finished with time to spare.

I was all set to arrive at our rendezvous point a solid ten minutes early, but then I realized I had forgotten to put Her dog’s stuff in the back of Her car, and I had to double back and get it. I texted Her to let Her know. I arrived four minutes later than our scheduled time, but thankfully She wasn’t angry. When I told Her what I went back to get, She appeared to be genuinely bewildered by my inanity. We were going straight back to my place anyway, so I had not needed to double-back for anything, let alone a few dog blankets. I don’t know what is wrong with me.

I had done alright with the interior, but the windows were spotty. She told me that She needs to teach me how to clean them properly. She knows what I am doing wrong. She admonished me for not remembering to clean Her rear view mirror again. What an idiot I am. For some reason, I had remembered Her telling me about the three dog hairs I had left on Her dash and the piece of trash in Her cup holder, but not the mirror. Next time, I will not forget.

We headed back to my place. I managed to have Her wine poured for Her when She arrived. She had me get naked immediately. The sight of the dark black bruise She had left on my ass yesterday delighted Her. A slight outline of Her fingers could still be seen. She had left me some very impressive marks.

Instead of Her usual concert, She instructed me to put on the mix I had made for Her birthday. At Her behest, I put together a plate of bagel crisps, cheese, and pepperoni. She puts them together as She eats them, bagel crisp on bottom, pepperoni, then cheese. Occasionally She will put one together and feed it to me. I enjoy when She feeds me. It makes me feel like She is taking care of me. The smile on Her face tells me that She enjoys it too.

She pulled an inflatable butt plug out of Her bag and held it in front of me. She told me to lube it up, and then She had me put it in my ass. She told me to sit at my computer and open up a Word doc. She stood behind me with some written notes in one hand, and the pump for the inflatable butt plug in the other. She instructed me to title and date the document, then had me to create three separate headings with a bullet point list under each.

She began to dictate Her notes to me, often having me switch between sections. I can type fairly fast (though nowhere near as fast as Her), but I’m not as accurate as I should be, and have to go back and fix my mistakes a lot. I was under the impression that every time I made a mistake, She squeezed the pump. I was worried about how many mistakes I was going to make, and how many pumps of the plug that I could take. I exclaimed every time She squeezed the pump. I didn’t need to be so worried. I could have taken more pumps. I should have begged Her for more.

When She was done dictating Her notes to me, She had me print and email Her copies of the document, then follow Her to the bedroom. She told me to sit on my ass next to the bed, and tilt my head back. I did so, but it wasn’t right where She wanted, so She told me to move. The butt plug fell out as I was trying to get situated. She must have deflated it after Her dictation. Perhaps She would have left it inflated if I hadn’t been such a scared little bitch about it. She sort of chuckled and sighed and told me to go wash it. I did so as quickly as I could, and hurried back into position.

As I sat on the side of the bed with my head tilted back, She got up on the bed and lowered Her pussy down over my face. She was so wet. I licked and sucked and hummed on Her clit as She road my face. I was in heaven. Her pussy juices were dripping into my open mouth. She moaned as She rubbed Her pussy up and down, covering my entire face with Her wetness. At times, I struggled for breath, but it was worth it. I love the taste of Her and the sound of Her pleasure.

I tried to count how many times She came, but Her orgasms tended to blend together, almost as if She was having one long continuous orgasm. I could smell and taste and feel Her all over me. She told me to touch Her ass. I happily reached up with both hands and began to caress Her buttocks, squeezing them a little, and running my fingers along Her skin. She came some more.

Unfortunately, She eventually tired of riding my face. She asked me how many times I made Her cum. I guessed five. She said probably five or six. I was happy that I was so close with my guess, but I need to do better. She needs twelve orgasms minimum if I am going to be worth Her time.

She gave me a bunch of cuddles and kisses before She had to go, and we danced to The Locomotion. She actually knew the moves. I felt awkward just watching Her. I tried to imitate what She was doing for a second, but my brain and body were not cooperating. When She told me She had to go, I asked if I could put clothes on so I could walk Her to Her car. Thankfully, She allowed me to don a pair of pants. I jumped into them as quickly as I could, sans underwear. I knew She was pressed for time. At Her car, She gave me a big hug and some more of Her tingly kisses, and gave both of my nipples a good hard pinch. I was already looking forward to seeing Her again.

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