Collared and Fucked

I had all of the usual elements prepared for Her arrival. Her wine, hors d’oeuvres, and concert were all ready for Her. I had also laid out a number of items on the bed. Tonight was going to be a very special night.

When She arrived, I rushed outside to meet Her and carried Her things in for Her. We snacked and talked and sipped wine for a bit. I am blessed to have these opportunities to converse with a person of Her intellect. I love that She is smarter than me. I am continuously learning from Her.

Before long She was ready for Her shower. She was pleased that I had procured Her preferred soap. I assisted Her in Her preparations, picking things up for Her and fetching Her towel when directed. As She showered, I waited on the other side of the curtain in case She needed anything. When She was finished with Her various shower products, She handed them to me to be dried and put aside.

I was happy when She allowed me to join Her. I love being so close to Her. She had already washed Herself, but I was able to touch Her as She washed me. I love when She takes care of me. She had the water set at a cold temperature, likely in hopes that it would alleviate some of my revolting sweating.

I whined about how cold the water was and She made fun of me for being such a little bitch. She continued to turn the water down as we showered until it felt icy cold. She laughed at me as I squirmed around. She took notice of how tiny my shriveled prick had become, and playfully batted at it. I laughed along with Her.

When She had finished washing and toying with me, we exited the shower and dried off. As She exited the bathroom, She took notice of the items I had laid out on the bed.

The first item that She examined was my new collar that She had approved for purchase. It had just arrived the day before. It is three layers of all black leather, two and a half inches thick, with three D-rings, and a lockable buckle. I was quite happy with the purchase, and very excited for Her to see it.

The collar that my Owner helped me choose.

“This collar is nice,” She said. “It’s better than I expected.” I was elated that She was pleased with it, and that it had even exceeded Her expectations. “It only has one thing wrong with it,” She continued. My heart sank. I had been so careful when purchasing the collar. Had I really failed Her with something so important? “Oh wait, it does have one,” She soothed, smiling and pointing to the lockable buckle. An extraordinary feeling of relief washed over me. I was so thankful that I had not fucked up such an important purchase.

“Tell me about these devices,” She directed, pointing to the remaining items on the bed.

“Yes Ma’am!” I was eager to present the options that I had laid out for Her. The first item was the strap-on harness. She was going to be pegging me tonight, as a reward for serving Her well. I had never been fucked by a Domme before, but it was something I had fantasized about for a long time. It was difficult to believe it was finally going to happen. I was so eagerly anticipating being penetrated by Her.

Next, I pointed out the two dildos that would work with the strap-on harness. The first was my big black dildo, about eight inches long and about two inches thick. Then I showed Her a similar sized dildo, but with a tube and syringe attached to it. I showed Her the “jizz” lube that goes with it. Basically, you fill up the syringe with “jizz”, and then you can shoot it out the tip of the dildo.

“Can you even feel it when it squirts up there?” She inquired incredulously.

“No, I can’t. Not at all. So it’s kinda just a way to shoot lube really far up my ass.”

“Oh, I don’t care about shooting lube up your ass,” She replied dismissively, with a waive of Her hand, and a smile. The issue of lube has become a running joke with us, but it is a joke that I do not dare tell, for fear of warranting Her wrath. Still, when She jokes about it, I can’t help but laugh. “Which one is your favorite?” She inquires.

“The big black one.”


“I just like the size and shape of it.”

“OK. I’m not using the jizz dildo,” She said with a chuckle.

Next I showed Her the three different double ended dildos I had. She picked up the pink one, which is significantly thicker on one end than the other. “Is this side mine?” She joked, pointing to the thicker end.

“Yes Ma’am!” I replied, giggling. I knew She was joking. Her side is whatever side She chooses!

She took the collar in Her hands and told me to turn around. I did as I was told. My eyes closed as She wrapped the leather around my neck. I’ve never had anyone else put a collar on me. It felt ceremonious. It was an expression of Her ownership of me.

“Too tight?” She inquired.

“No,” I responded.

“Too loose?”

“It could be tighter,” I replied. She tightened it, and it quickly went from being a little loose to not loose at all. “That’s tight enough!” I exclaimed, panicking.

“You’re OK, I can get two fingers in there,” She said calmly. She was right, I was fine. She knows what She’s doing. I am so lucky that someone so knowledgeable and experienced has taken ownership of me.

If you had told me three months ago that I would be proud to be owned, I would have laughed in your face. I could not have imagined anyone calling me their slave. Now, it feels good to be owned by Her. It feels like a great big hug around my soul. She takes care of Her pets. She will protect me, and train me to be better for Her. I am proud to serve Her. I want to make Her proud of me. I will do my best to be everything She wants me to be.

9 thoughts on “Collared and Fucked”

  1. Sounds so intoxicating and to happily want to be her cum whore. She must be beyond compare. I wish i had someone like her in my life. I have found myself repeatedly reading your post and edging to it. Thank You for providing such inspiring and arousing words.

    1. You should be thanking Her. She provided me with these experiences, and She directed me to write about them. She has proofread, corrected, and given me feedback on every one of these writings. She directed me to create this blog. She is the reason that any of this writing exists.

  2. Remember that the word “this” needs to modify something. Don’t be sloppy when replying to comments. I am still watching.

  3. I cannot believe how well trained you are and dedicated to your OWNER. Yes the world would be better place if more owners like yours were in control of this male dominated world. And isn’t it nice of you acknowledge her superior intelligence and how she has trained you to follow all her commands and allowed you to focus on the things that make her happy. It must have been a special day when you received your collar and the great feeling that came over you when she put that collar on you for the first time. Was also impressed with her care of you and asking you if the collar was comfortable for you to wear showing just how much she loves you being her sub. Just as a young man looks forward to breaking his virginity it must have felt that way for you to receive the pegging she had plan for you. And how worthy you were of that seeing that happen and how well you did in gathering all the toys to make the pegging n collar event such a success. And having your owner allow you pleasure her after the planned events and how disappointed you are when she is not brought to orgasm having felt you let her down in fulfilling her sexual desires. I look forward to hearing how you feel when you are sub to her bull and having him break your asshole in.

  4. You are the luckiest man alive. She is the most intelligent and powerful domme out there. No one can compare. The thought of her powerful hips slamming her cock deep into you is every mans fantasy. You are now her bitch. Congratulations

      1. Thank you. I am indeed very lucky that She has taken ownership of me. She is incredible. I could not ask for a better Domme. She takes very good care of Her property. I will always strive to serve Her as well as I possibly can.

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