Car Service

Today I would be cleaning my Owner’s car. She would be traveling over the weekend and She always requires a spotless car when traveling. First I was to meet Her at the hair salon. I managed to arrive a little ahead of schedule, and parked. I had just noticed the sign for the salon when I caught sight of Her car pulling into another parking lot out of the corner of my eye.

I crossed the street and went over to meet Her. She had already exited Her car by the time I made it over there, and appeared to be checking Her phone. Not wanting to bother her, I waited patiently for Her to acknowledge my existence. Eventually, She looked up and I was standing directly in front of her, smiling awkwardly. I could tell I had surprised Her a little bit, but She didn’t seem mad. She smiled at me and we walked over to the salon.

When we arrived, Her stylist was still finishing up another customer. Ma’am showed me how I had fucked up the other day when installing Her phone in it’s new case. Somehow I had managed to leave a tiny crumb in between the glass and plastic, right where Her text message send button was. That must have been extremely irritating for a perfectionist like her. I am very lucky She bothered to text me at all. She handed me Her phone so I could fix my mistake.

I struggled to unscrew the case lock but managed to get it undone without too much trouble. To my surprise the case split directly in half easily, and the phone did not pop out of my hands and smash against the floor as I had feared. I took the phone out of the case and put it in my pocket so I could clean the inside of the case.

I had anticipated that She would not bring the microfiber cloth that came with the case along with her, so I had brought my own. I had it folded up in a note that I had hand written for her. I showed Her the folded paper and said nervously, “This note is for you.” She chuckled a little and put the note in Her pocket. I cleaned the insides of the case and the phone, making sure they were spotless and that the offending crumb had been taken care of. I managed to get it all snapped back together just in time for the stylist to call Her over.

She had me continue to hold Her phone, and then handed me Her coat and glasses and sat down in the barber chair. I took a seat directly behind her. I watched and listened patiently as She instructed the stylist how to cut Her hair. I love the blunt and direct way She communicates. She does not mince words. I enjoy hearing Her talk to other people that way almost as much as when She is talking to me. I watched intently as She had Her haircut, trying not to outright stare at her. Often She would look up and catch me watching Her in the mirror, and our eyes would meet and She would crack a smile, and I would too. I love Her smile, and Her eyes. I could stare at Her all day.

When She was done, She paid the stylist and I handed Her back Her things. As we left the salon, She remarked about how much She loved the feeling of the buzzed area of Her hair. I was excited when She told me to touch it, and I was surprised by how soft it was. I would gladly stroke Her hair for as long as She would permit me to.

We walked back to Her car and headed off to Her gym. She handed me the note I had written for Her and instructed me to read it to Her while She drove. Sweat began to form on my brow almost immediately. I am not a good out-loud reader, and had written this note very quickly. I had not even had time to read it back to myself. I was extremely nervous but I managed to stammer through about half of it before She parked where we would be parting ways.

She grabbed the note out of my hands and put it in Her pocket. She said She was on a time crunch and was going to be late. I would be taking Her car to clean it while She did Her thing there. She had given a specific time for me to return. I know better than to keep Her waiting. She took a quick moment to make sure I knew how the car worked and then I bid Her goodbye and drove off with Her car back to my place. It is always awkward driving a car that is not your own. I was terrified I would get in an accident or get pulled over or get lost on the way home or do something else to fuck it up. As I drove home, it began to sink in how wet this task was going to be. Precipitation had been occurring off and on all day, but right now it was pouring sheets of rain.

Thankfully, I made it home without incident. I was not doing too bad on time at this point, but I would need to work quickly and efficiently to get everything done and return Ma’am’s car by Her deadline. Before I would be able to clean the interior of the car, I would need to get the dog hammock, dog bed, floor mats, vacuum cleaner, and other cleaning supplies out of the car and inside the house.

I hurried to open the door to the back seat and undo the clasps of the dog hammock. They came free easy enough, and I even got the straps unwound from the headrest posts without too much trouble. Even so, the rain had completely soaked through my hoodie and into my shirt by the time I made it around to unhook the clasps on the opposite side of the car. I folded the whole dog bed, blanket, and hammock up like a giant taco and ran it inside. It was fucking pouring out! I sprinted to grab the floor mats and ran those inside as well. Then came the vacuum cleaner, and the rest of the cleaning supplies, then one more trip back into the wet to close the car door.

My hoodie and the shirt underneath were completely waterlogged now. I quickly peeled them from my soaked skin and yanked on another t-shirt. My pants were nearly completely soaked too, but I only had one clean pair to change into, so I would have to wear them for now.

I turned the hot water on and placed the water bucket in the sink, then hurried to get the extension cord for the vacuum cleaner. I gathered up the wad of tangled cable in both hands and rushed it out to the living room. I let it drop in front of the outlet and scrambled to get it unraveled enough to be useful. We will never know how long the water bucket had been overflowing by the time I had finished this task.

I quickly ran back to the kitchen to shut off the water. I poured off the excess and rushed the bucket to the front door. Then I realized it was still pouring buckets out there. I set down the bucket and ran out back to grab another hoodie. I pulled it over my head, grabbed the bucket and washcloth, and rushed out into the torrential downpour.

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