A Wonderful Night

I had been looking forward to this day since my Owner put it on my calendar over a month ago. We were going to have dinner together, and see some of Her favorite music performed live. I had purchased the tickets well in advance, as She had directed. After the show we would be spending the night at a location that She had secured.

She had instructed me to bring two bottles of wine, an aerator, glasses, clothes, my strap-on, and my double-ended dildo. They were the same strap-on and double-ended dildo that She fucked me with the day She put my collar on me. I had also packed a butt plug, my collar, my chastity cage, a massive bottle of lube, toiletries, and some gifts for Her. I had realized that morning that I didn’t have a card for Her, and would have no time to procure one, so used every free moment I had during the day to make one for Her.

I had finished making Her card mere minutes before She arrived at my place to pick me up. She is almost always the one driving. She likes to be in control. I think the only time I’ve driven Her was the weekend of the sleepover, when I chauffeured Her and a bull back to my place. I hauled my stuff into Her car, and we were on O/our way.

The first thing She wanted to do when we arrived in the city was pick out a fragrance for me to wear. She had been wanting to choose a scent for me for a while, but the fragrances She had in mind were not widely available in our neck of the woods. The store was pure chaos. Hordes of people bustled around the many counters featuring different brands of cologne and perfume. I would never have been able to navigate that place on my own. Thankfully my Domme had a good idea of what She wanted. We only had to test out two or three scents before She found one for me that we both really liked.

As we exited the store, my Owner jokingly reprimanded me for the way that I walked through the door before opening it for Her. I explained that it was because the door opened to the outside, and it would have been awkward to try to hold it open for Her from the inside. It’s actually one of my pet peeves when people hold the door open that way for me, because they end up standing in the middle of the doorway and then I have to squeeze by them to get through it. She laughed at me, and I promised to do it Her way next time.

We arrived at our suite with plenty of time to spare. It was a nice little apartment, with a full kitchen, a living room with a couch and a large TV, and a bedroom with an ample sized bed. She directed me to hang up Her coat and then fetch the rest of O/our things from the car. I fetched Her large suitcase and Her lunch bag first. “Put that suitcase up here,” She said. I hoisted the suitcase up onto the bed. “No, here,” She said, pointing to the suitcase stand next to the bed.

“Oh, sorry!” I exclaimed, embarrassed at my stupidity. I lifted the suitcase off of the bed and set it down on the stand that was meant for it.

“Perfect,” She said, making me feel better. I hurried outside to get my own luggage. I had my backpack and two or three bags, plus Her wine carrier that She had allowed me to use to transport the wine. I dropped my things in the bedroom, then brought the wine and Her bag of gifts out to the kitchen. I poured us some wine while my Owner made herself comfortable.

When I returned with the wine, She had begun to unbox the fragrance that She had chosen for me. She screwed the spray mechanism into the bottle, then instructed me how to apply the scent without overdoing it. When I had done as She told me, She smelled me and said, “Mmmmm, you smell good.” Then She kissed me. This fragrance may have been one of the best purchases I have ever made.

We sipped our wine and talked about Her plan for the night. We were going to take a car service to one of Her favorite Indian restaurants. From there we would be close enough to walk to the concert venue. We would have plenty of time to go to dinner before the show, and then some.

She informed me that someone may be approaching Her during the show. Several weeks ago, a wannabe sub had contacted Her, as they frequently do. She had instructed him to read O/our blog, and after having done so, he informed Her that he didn’t think he had what it took to be Her sub, but he was a “heavy cummer”, so maybe he could be Her bull. I had immediately written him off as just another full-of-shit-dude trying to get laid.

He had contacted Her prior to the show, acting like he was informing Her about it, even though She had already told him in a prior conversation that She had tickets and would be attending. So this guy is full of shit, and he’s an idiot. Anyway, after She “reminded” him that She had been planning to attend, he asked Her if he could approach Her during the show. “You may,” had been Her reply. She wasn’t really expecting him to show up.

We still had some time before She wanted to head to the restaurant. I told Her that I had some gifts for Her whenever She wanted to open them. “Oh really?” She said, Her face lighting up with one of Her beautiful smiles.

“Should I go get them?” I asked.

“Yes!” She said, still smiling.

I hurried into the kitchen to grab Her bag of gifts, and rushed back to present it to Her. The first thing that She pulled out was a padded shipping envelope. “This one’s not wrapped,” She stated inquisitively.

“Oh, sorry Ma’am. It was the closest thing I had to an envelope for the card I made you.”

She chuckled. “You made me a card?” She asked, an affectionate tone in Her voice. I snuggled up next to Her while She removed the card from the padded envelope.

She burst out laughing when She saw the front of the card. I had pasted a cut out image of Santa with an interdictory circle around him, and above it I had written “FUCK SANTA!!!” in silver paint marker.

Inside of the card was a poem that I had written for Her that day. The end of each line rhymed with Her first name. The poem was lighthearted and funny, while still being deep and meaningful. It touched on some of the things that I appreciate most about Her, as well as my hopes for the future. She smiled, laughed, and snuggled me as She read it.

The other gifts were all things that would be useful to Her, but were still meaningfully related to O/our times spent together. I knew from O/our time at the lake house that She is exceedingly good at guessing what Her presents are before opening them. I obfuscated some of the gifts in extra packaging, while simply wrapping others. I wanted Her to have the experience of a pleasant surprise, but not rob Her of the pleasure of knowing what a gift is before She opens it. Her reactions told me that my efforts were a great success.

“I think I told you that I don’t do holiday gifts,” She said, “I just give you things when I want to.”

“Yes Ma’am!” I responded with a smile. She had already given me gifts earlier this month, and it is not my place to expect anything from Her in the first place.

“But I do have something for you.” She continued. She popped into the other room and returned with a pair of superhero panties, complete with a little comic strip on the butt. I laughed out loud when I saw them. I was reminded of the underoos I used to wear as a kid. “I thought you might like those,” She said with a smile. I loved them.

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