A New Place for Pain

My Domme and I were cuddling in bed after watching one of O/our favorite shows. She was making fun of me again for my dick being scared of Her. My torpid cock has been sort of a running joke with us; it has a tendency to shrivel up into my body when I am in Her presence.

“Why is he scared? I’ve never hurt him,” She teased.

“Well… You have locked him up, and you have put clothespins on him,” I reminded Her with a smile. She has also slapped him around a little, and made fun of him a lot.

“Go in my suitcase.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Get me the bag of clothespins.”

“Oh shit.” I fetched Her bag of clothespins and returned to the bed.

“Where is the most painful place that I’ve put them?”

I had to think. She has affixed clothespins to my nipples, scrotum, shaft skin, foreskin, in between my toes, all over my ears, even on top of fresh evil stick wounds. I tugged at the upper arch of one of my ears. “Here.”

“Is that place the most painful? More than the feet?”

“Yes Ma’am.” Clothespins are more painful on the top of my ears than in between my toes, but the toes are close. Having clothespins on top of my evil stick wounds was probably worse than the toes, but not the ears for me. Clothespins on my genitalia is surprisingly less painful than in between my toes, so far at least.

“Is that place the most painful? Have I put them on the most painful place yet?”

I tried to think of where else She could possibly put the clothespins that could be more painful than where they’ve been already. They’ve been attached to my ears, feet, dick skin, scrotum, nipples, and other soft, fleshy parts. “I don’t know, Ma’am,” my voice trailed off. “Is there somewhere else that’s more painful that I don’t know about?”

She chuckled, and flashed a sadistic smile. “Relax your mouth,” She directed. She affixed a clothespin to the left side of my lower lip, then the right, then my upper lip. “Stick out your tongue.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” I stuck out my tongue so She could put clothespins on the end of it. She continued attaching clothespins to my nostrils, upper cheeks, and eyebrows. None of the clothespins were comfortable, but the pain was relatively mild and distributed.

Then, She attached the clothespins to my eyelids. These clothespins produced an acute, stinging pain. All I could do was whine and whimper like a bitch. I felt completely incapacitated. She put the clothespins on my nipples last. I barely felt any of the clothespins except the ones on my eyelids, which were excruciating.

I was barely aware when She asked me again which place was the most painful. Somehow I managed to communicate that my eyelids hurt the most, while still having clothespins on my lips and tongue. I am sure it was plainly obvious to Her which location was causing me the most distress, and the sounds coming from my mouth were much more entertaining to Her than informational.

She began pulling the clothespins from my face, starting with the ones that She had placed first, on my lips. She pulled some of the clothespins rather quickly, some more slowly. She may have opened some of the clothespins while removing them, but She just tugged on them more often than not.

It was a strange feeling to have my facial tissue pinched and pulled in such a way, but the pain barely registered due to the two clothespins still dangling from my eyelids. With each clothespin removed, the pain became more concentrated on my lids. She let the clothespins on my eyelids hang and went to the ones on my nipples instead, toying with them a little before slowly pulling them free.

Finally, She removed the clothespins from my eyelids. Thankfully, She was a bit more gentle removing them than the other clothespins, but it still hurt like hell. I laughed as tears ran down my cheeks. Even though I felt instant relief as soon as the clothespins had been removed, the pain lingered.

My Owner had made me cry purely from physical torment, a first for us. I felt happy, but I was weeping. She was laughing. She told me that She had been thinking about trying clothespins on my eyelids all day. I was happy that I had been able to give Her what She wanted. My body is Her canvas.

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