30 Days of Chastity: Week Three

Continued from 30 Days of Chastity: Week Two

I woke up with an erection. I was thankful that I was not wearing the chastity device. That damn thing hurts after a while. I showered and then struggled to get my genitalia back in the cage. The air was cold in my place again and my balls just wanted to stay up inside my body. I knelt in front of the space heater for ten minutes or so before I was able to work them down and get the cage ring around them. I texted my Domme letting Her know that the device was back in place.

The cage caused me the most pain when my body temperature dropped and my testicles wanted to retreat up into my body. My scrotum became incredibly tight around my testicles. I could feel my skin stretching. My balls would get squeezed up against the plastic ring of the cage. The ring inexplicably has a groove on both sides, and my flesh was being pressed into those grooves, causing significant chafing. The skin on the back side of my scrotum was incredibly tender. The imprint of the cage ring could still be seen and felt long after the device had been removed.

I was elated when my new chastity device was delivered later in the day. It is a UTIMI Cock Cage Male Chastity Device that I found on Amazon for about $30. I had never used a product from this brand before, but it had many positive reviews and appeared to be exactly what I wanted. The device came in a nice sturdy box and included a draw-string pouch and what appears to be a fairly decent padlock. I would say this device is much higher quality than my old plastic cage.

The new cage is all metal, so it was quite cold from being outside. I put it in some warm water to soak and texted my Domme letting Her know that it had arrived, and asking permission to try it on. A little later, She replied with, “Yes.” I was very excited. I could not wait to see how it felt compared to the old device.

The ring on my old plastic cage was open where it attached to the penis enclosure. The ring on the new cage is completely enclosed. I needed my testicles to dangle significantly in order to get them through the ring. I knelt in front of the space heater for a while, but the dry heat was not enough to get my balls to fully drop. I had to dip my scrotum in a bowl of warm water for fifteen minutes or so while kneeling in front of the space heater before they had fully descended.

When everything was sufficiently warm, I lubed everything up and pressed my testicles through the cage ring one by one. Once I had both my balls through, I quickly folded in my cock and shoved it through as well. I immediately began to become erect. I had to wait a few minutes to calm down before I could get the penis enclosure in place. Once I was flaccid and lubed up, the enclosure slid on nicely. The new cage was much more comfortable than the plastic thing I had been wearing, but significantly heavier. I was enjoying wearing the device more already. I immediately sent some pictures to my Owner.

I was curious what it would be like getting aroused in the new cage, so I put a vibrating plug up my ass and turned on some porn. It felt kind of good swelling up inside the cage. It did not hurt nearly as much as the previous device. I did not experience any pinching or chafing, but the cage still made it impossible for me to get erect. I didn’t get anywhere near cumming. Later in the day, my Owner texted me back saying that She loved the look of the new device. I was elated to hear that She was happy with my purchase.

I awoke with my cock swelling up inside the cage. Thankfully the new cage is not as painful as the old one. All of the edges are smooth and round, and the penis enclosure isn’t so tight. My cock has room to breathe, and even swell a little before the cage begins to become painful.

I wore the new chastity device to work. The cage is much more comfortable than my old plastic one, but it is significantly heavier. I could feel my package swinging around as the weight of the cage pulled it toward the floor.

My Owner gave me permission to remove the cage and visit my girlfriend, who was returning from Her trip that evening, earlier than I had expected. I am very lucky that my Owner is so understanding. I know that She cares about me, and I truly appreciate everything that She does for me.

I wasn’t able to get the device back on right when I awoke. I was at my girlfriend’s house, and she has roommates. My testicles were retracted, and I wasn’t able to soak them in a bowl of warm water. By the early afternoon, my body had warmed up enough that I was able to don the cage without the need to dirty my girlfriend’s dishes with my ballsack. In the evening, I had dinner with my Domme and snuggled with Her in front of the TV, still caged.

I woke up with the cage on, and went to work. This cage is much more tolerable than the last one. It is still very distracting, and I have to be careful how I sit, and how I pee, but at least it doesn’t cause me stinging pain for large parts of the day. My girlfriend came over after work that night, so I was permitted to remove the cage for some quality time with her. I am very thankful that my Domme is so understanding of my relationship with my girlfriend, and that my girlfriend is so understanding of my relationship with my Domme.

I struggled to get the chastity device back on that morning. I had to soak my balls in warm water for about fifteen minutes before I could finally manage to get it on. The spot at the back of my scrotum where the old cage chafed was still sensitive. The new cage irritated that spot occasionally, but the cage was still much more comfortable than my old one.

I removed the cage for swim class, as I have been permitted. After swimming, as we were leaving my Owner asked me, “Do you wish you had the cage on?”

“Wish is a strong word,” I said. I explained the chafing situation and how the old cage used to hurt all day after a couple days of wearing it. I told Her the new cage was better, but the area where the old one was chafing is still sensitive. She decided to let me take a day off from the cage. She can be so sweet when She chooses to be. She takes care of me. I jerked off for about an hour that night.

My Owner had excused me from chastity today. I was very thankful to have a break from the cage and time to allow my chafed undercarriage to heal. I was surprised to discover that I actually missed the weight of the device a little, but that did not diminish how much I enjoyed my freedom.

I put the cage back on that morning, and my Domme and I spent the day together. I enjoy serving my Owner in all of the ways that She allows me. Whether I’m cleaning Her car, massaging Her, enduring pain for Her, or cuddling and watching TV with Her, the time I spend with Her is always special. I remained locked in chastity throughout the night.

My girlfriend came over that day, so I was allowed to remove the cage for some quality time with her.

The chastity device went back on in the morning, and I wore it all day to work. I had to work extra late that day; twelve hours with no lunch break. I was plagued by circumstances beyond my control. I was having a high anxiety day, and the cage only added to that anxiety. I did my best to ignore the cage and focus on the tasks at hand. I was thankful that I was not locked in that old plastic piece of shit cage, but even though this cage was much more comfortable, it was still distracting, and only added to my frustrations that day.

I was very thankful that I was permitted to take the cage off when I got home. My girlfriend was already at my place when I arrived. I had been planning to see Her after an event scheduled with my Domme. She gave me a big hug and listened to me vent about my shitty day for a few minutes. The fiasco at work had made me very late for the event, so I removed the chastity device, changed my clothes, kissed my girlfriend goodbye, and headed out to meet Her.

The event that I was supposed to attend with my Domme was already winding down by the time I arrived, but She was very understanding and supportive. She knew I’d had a rough day. I was overjoyed to be able to see Her for a little while and have a drink or two. When the event ended, my Domme hugged me and we parted ways. My girlfriend was waiting for me when I got home. I am incredibly fortunate to have these two very different and very special women in my life.

Caged and proud

Continued in 30 Days of Chastity: Week Four

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