30 Days of Chastity: Week One

Quite some time had passed since my Domme had last locked me in chastity. The last time She had done so was probably as far back as National Orgasm Day in August. The afternoon before we were scheduled to spend the day together, She sent me a text reading, “Do whatever grooming you have to do and put on the chastity device by 5p. No masturbating.”

I responded with my usual, “Yes Ma’am,” followed by a colon and right parenthesis.

“Mmmmm, you should be thanking me for owning you so perfectly.”

“The cage is on Ma’am! Thank you for owning me so perfectly Ma’am!”

“You’re mine,” She replied. I love when She tells me that I’m Hers. I am so fortunate that She has decided to take ownership of me. She takes care of Her property. Her directions help me to progress and improve, and I do my best to serve Her any way that I can.

“Yes Ma’am I am grateful to be yours!!” I wrote back with another smiley face.

“Did you masturbate today?”

“I did shortly after I got home from swim, Ma’am.”

“Damnit. To what?”

“Sorry Ma’am. It was a mixture of blowjob and pegging porn.”

“Sounds only semi-worthy. No Femdom, so I’m a little disappointed.”

“Well, most of the pegging was Femdom,” I replied with another smiley face.

“Perfect. That’s better. You’re my needy bitch.” I was delighted that She was pleased, and I always love when She tells me that I belong to Her.

“Thank you Ma’am! I SO am your needy bitch!” I wore the cage throughout the night as I cleaned my house in preparation for Her visit.

I slept in the cage. Wearing the device certainly does not make getting to sleep any easier. I am constantly aware of it’s presence. If I roll from one side to the other, I must take special care not to crush my testicles between my thighs. I can feel the weight of the cage pulling my testicles toward the ground in every position.

I awoke to the feeling of the cage tugging on my balls as my cock struggled to become erect. I spent the day with my owner, shaving Her legs, serving Her pussy, and snuggling with Her in front of the television. I was still wearing the cage when She left.

I was laying on my side when I began to wake up the next morning. I had forgotten about the chastity cage, but I remembered it as soon as I rolled onto my back and immediately began to get an erection. The pressure of my swollen cock against the cage felt good at first, which made my cock swell even more, pulling the cage away from my body, and my testicles along with it. The skin of my scrotum was taut.

I had to endure several minutes of stinging pain and teasing pleasure before I could get my dick to cooperate and become flaccid. I imagined that knowledge of this pain/pleasure would bring a smile to my Owner’s face. Finally I was able to go to the bathroom and empty my bladder, which was an incredible relief. The hour was still very early, so I tried to get some more sleep. My cock continued to try to become erect throughout the morning, though not as aggressively or painfully as the first time.

When I was fully awake, I texted my Domme and described my morning with the cage to Her. She wrote back, “Mmmm I enjoy the updates. Makes my clit throb.” Her text made me feel warm and fuzzy. It was worth a little bit of discomfort and pain to know that I had pleased Her so much. I did my best to keep Her pleasure in mind as I went about my work day still locked in chastity.

She had sent me to work wearing my cage on a couple of other occasions. It was awkward to be wearing the cage around other people, especially in a professional environment, but I always feel awkward around those people anyway. Nobody could tell that I was wearing the device, but I was constantly aware of it. I had to be careful how I walked and sat, to avoid chafing or crushing my testicles. The cage can be very distracting. I did my best to focus on the tasks at hand.

I woke up to a sharp pain in my testicles. I was laying on my side. “Did I slip a nut?!” I wondered in alarm. Sometimes one testicle will somehow escape the ring of the chastity device, leaving the cage and my testicles in a very awkward and incredibly uncomfortable position. When I am in that predicament, I need to fix it immediately. Still half-asleep, I reached down and felt my balls, then awoke into a full blown panic.

I threw the blankets aside and jumped out of bed. Inexplicably, I waddled hurriedly into the other room to turn the lights on, rather than simply reach for the light right next to my bed. I prepared to remove the cage to fix my testicles, but found that they were in the exact position they were supposed to be. I hadn’t slipped a nut at all. I had been so sure that I did. I must have dreamt it. I still had a few more hours before I had to go to work, so I managed to get back to sleep.

When I awoke, the cage was severely tight again as my cock struggled to become erect. The experience was both painful and pleasurable at the same time. I laid in bed and relished it for some time before getting up and going about my work day.

That night, my Owner had given me Her blessing to remove the cage for some quality time with my girlfriend. “Enjoy your freedom,” She said. She told me to put the cage back in place right after my girlfriend left. I was very thankful for my freedom, and I certainly did enjoy it.

Having a night of rest without the chastity device locked around my genitalia was an immense relief. I locked myself in the cage after my girlfriend left, as my Owner had directed me. I wore the device to work again.

After work, I met my Owner in Her hotel room. This night would be the one that Her clever application of clothespins brought tears to my eyes. At one point my Owner playfully squeezed one of my testicles, and it jumped up into my body, performing a Houdini on the cage. I don’t know how my testicles can spontaneously escape the cage in this way. I couldn’t shove one of my testicles through the closed cage if I wanted. I must take the cage off to fix it. To my surprise, my Owner took pity on me, and allowed me to leave the cage off for the rest of the night.

My Owner directed me to put the chastity device back in place in the morning, before She left for Her day. I wore the device as I cleaned Her hotel room, per Her instructions, and as I wrote for Her. I was wearing the device while She talked on the phone with one of Her favorite bulls, as I worshiped Her pussy. I continued to wear the device as I cuddled with Her throughout the night. It was a wonderful time.

I was allowed to remove the cage that morning, to spend a little more quality time with my girlfriend before she left on a trip. It was late in the afternoon when my Owner directed me to lock myself in chastity again. Luckily for me, I had already cum that day. “Mmmm you are thankful, I bet,” was my Owner’s response when I told Her. I was very thankful that I had been able cum, and even more thankful that my Owner had been so understanding.


Continued in 30 Days of Chastity: Week Two

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